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The restorative power of the Sunflower

My life, and the work I do, is inspired by my connection with Nature — entraining in her cycles and rhythms, living in right relationship with Mother Earth, healing physically and spiritually through that connection, sharing Earth Medicine and wisdom with others, and learning how we can live and thrive from the Principles of Nature… Continue reading The restorative power of the Sunflower

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All Land is Sacred

I have come to believe that all land is sacred... and that we are in relationship with the land, no matter where we live now or where we are from. Our Sacred Land and Sacred Spaces are around us, with us. My ancestors created sacred spaces in their lands — Ireland, England, and the Isle… Continue reading All Land is Sacred

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Getting closer to Mother Earth – why I forage

Foraging in the urban environment in which I live can be challenging.... but so rewarding! Besides the treats I bring home for use in the kitchen or in herbal earth medicine preparations, foraging activities bring me closer to Mother Earth and her cycles of birth, growth, death and regeneration. It also connects me with my… Continue reading Getting closer to Mother Earth – why I forage

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Soul Questions for the Full Milk Moon

How do you connect with the Divine Feminine? More and more, women I know are joining - or leading - Women's Circles at the New Moon or the Full Moon as a way to reconnect with their Divine Feminine, to explore Goddess energy and more. I will be starting an on-line circle Moon Goddess Circle… Continue reading Soul Questions for the Full Milk Moon

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Celebrating the Full Milk Moon

Are you looking forward to Saturday’s Full Moon? We are now in the waxing gibbous phase of Seanmháthair Gealach, Grandmother Moon, and the Full Moon arrives here in Vancouver on Saturday, May 21st at 2:15 PM (21:15 UTC). There are many names for this moon — Hawthorn Moon, Full Flower Moon, Milk Moon and Full Corn… Continue reading Celebrating the Full Milk Moon

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Connecting with Grandmother Moon

  Have I ever said how much I love working with my Moon Bowl? Probably! Yes, I have charts and apps that tell me precisely where in her cycle Grandmother Moon (Seanmháthair Gealach) is at any time, but I love this fundamental and physical connection between my altar and the Moon... and me🌙 On the… Continue reading Connecting with Grandmother Moon

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Is it time to come out of the broom closet?

Is it time to reclaim the word "witch"? Is it time for practitioners of this ancient ancestral practice to "come out of the broom closet"? It's a word — and belief — that has been embraced by some... yet mocked, feared, ridiculed, and worse, by others. But for many practitioners, it simply represents an earth-based… Continue reading Is it time to come out of the broom closet?