Divine Imperfection: the Joy of Making Mistakes


This time last year, I posted Neil Gaiman’s well-known quote about mistakes, and it’s something that still resonates so deeply with me.

If you haven’t heard his quote, here’s the background: On December 31, 2011, Gaiman (one of my favourite writers) posted this thought-provoking New Year’s Wish in his online journal:

“I hope that in this year to come, you make mistakes.

Because if you are making mistakes, then you are making new things, trying new things, learning, living, pushing yourself, changing yourself, changing your world. You’re doing things you’ve never done before, and more importantly, you’re Doing Something.

So that’s my wish for you, and all of us, and my wish for myself. Make New Mistakes. Make glorious, amazing mistakes. Make mistakes nobody’s ever made before. Don’t freeze, don’t stop, don’t worry that it isn’t good enough, or it isn’t perfect, whatever it is: art, or love, or work or family or life.

Whatever it is you’re scared of doing, Do it.

Make your mistakes, next year and forever.”

🌟WOW! 🌟

Gaiman’s post shocked some people, angered and confused others. Many folks — me, for one — ❤️loved ❤️ it!


Because many of life’s most wondrous inventions and changes come from happy accidents and “mistakes”.

Because much of one’s greatest personal growth comes from so-called mistakes.

And because some mistakes are just blessings in disguise (and I know there is a Zen koan about this!!).

Yet some folks are afraid of of failing, of being judged, of being different, of not being perfect, and as a result they may take no risks… they may stay in a safe little bubble. But often the fear of all that is more profound that the actual “mistake”, the actual “failure”.

And that’s okay. I will not judge.  I will hold space for each of us to step into their glorious possibilities.

For me, no. That’s not the life I choose. I say, bring it on! I’ll give this crazy life 100% and if I stumble and fall, I’ll get up and try it again and again until I get it right. Or not! But I’ll try! I accept and embrace my divine imperfection. That’s what makes me human. That’s what gives my life meaning.

Click here to read Gaiman’s post.

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Wisdom of the Acorn


When Nature plants an acorn, it strives to yield its potential — and destiny — as a magnificent oak, its growth tempered only by the amount of sun, rain, and nutrients.

But what of we humans? What other factors may be in play?

Our beliefs — and that of others — can shape who we are, and how we experience the world. Our growth too is tempered by the amount of sun, rain and nutrients we receive… the sun of love and affection, the rain of our confidence and self-worth, the nutrients of healthy relationships.

But when some of those elements are missing, and life become challenging, we still can choose to believe in our Self.

If this happens in your life, choose to believe in your potential, that you are magnificent… empowered…. capable… deserving of love, joy, happiness, success, abundance.

Mahatma Gandhi said it well:

“Man often becomes what he believes himself to be. If I keep on saying to myself that I cannot do a certain thing, it is possible that I may end by really becoming incapable of doing it. On the contrary, if I shall have the belief that I can do it, I shall surely acquire the capacity to do it, even if I may not have it at the beginning.”

So, what do we do with that fear?

This time of the Waning Moon is a very powerful time for releasing what no longer serves us… allowing our authentic empowered self to step up and emerge.

What fears might be at play for you?

What could you gratefully release?

That fear may have once served you, and kept you safe… but maybe now it’s just holding you back and has become a burden.

Question it.

Release it, through a release ritual or with a PSYCH-K balancing session.


“Fear is your greatest obstacle – so question your fear. If it does not serve your greatest life then do not make it your master.”
– Joy Page

So, be like the Acorn…
fulfill your potential and destiny.

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Use your Inner “Soulstice” to chase the storms

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We often hear advice to “stay present”, to find our inner stillness, to be “in the now” as a way of finding peace and tranquility, or for reducing anxiety.

But being present or still can also help us find our inner strength.

Lately, I have been drawn to the concept of inner strength — what it means and how we can manifest our inner warrior.

These words from writer Haruki Murakami reveal another dimension of being “in the now”. Being in the flow, being present, enhances our ability to focus, to draw on all our resources, to be agile, to see what choices — and possibilities — are available to us.

It enables us to discover just how strong we are.

“And once the storm is over, you won’t remember how you made it through, how you managed to survive. You won’t even be sure, whether the storm is really over. But one thing is certain. When you come out of the storm, you won’t be the same person who walked in. That’s what this storm’s all about.”

When in chaos or crisis, being present allows us to access our Higher Self (aka our GPS — our Greater Personal Self) and its wisdom. And having that gives us the ability to face our fears squarely in the face, to connect with them and understand them, thereby diminishing their power, and to choose a new and empowered way forward.

The Maelstrom of Fear
Fear is something we sometimes manifest and experience in response to certain situations and experiences, from the seemingly small or trivial (dogs, spiders, speaking in public) to very serious or life-threatening (assault, rape, illness, war). It is also a deep-rooted biological response to threat of any kind and can cause us to choose from the programmed responses of fight, flight or freeze and a maelstrom of emotions and thoughts.

Fear creates a storm within us, as real and frightening as the most powerful storm created by Nature.

When we are in a fearful place, living through an internal storm, it can be challenging to access our inner resources and that is where being present comes into play.

Use your Inner Soulstice to break through the storm clouds
Consider reframing the experience, illuminating the fear by connecting to your Inner Soulstice — the fire of your own inner Sun.

winter_solstice_pivatoIn Nature, the word solstice comes to us from two Latin words,“sol” (the Sun) and “sistere” (to stand),  referring to the standing sun that we experience twice a year. During the days around the solstice, the Sun appears to stop in its travels (particularly dramatic in polar regions!).

Solstice also refers to a turning point, because at each solstice the sun starts either waxing or waning: the days get shorter (waning) from Summer Solstice to Winter Solstice or get longer (waxing) from the Winter Solstice to the Summer Solstice.

What is our “soulstice”?
It’s that time when we pause for a moment, when we stand still… and when through that stillness we find our turning point, and our inner fire and strength.

Connect to your Soulstice
When you feel overwhelmed — or recognize your signs of fear or anxiety or worry — pause. Be still. Stop what you are doing and take a moment to breathe deeply and slowly, inhaling and exhaling in a slow rhythm.

Drop into your Heart, your inner fire. Feel that connection with your Inner Self and keep breathing deeply and slowly until you feel your inner connection to your GPS, your Greater Personal Self, strongly established…and feel the fear lessening its hold as your inner Soulstice shines brightly through the clouds of fear. You are in effect holding the light for your Self.

Now ask that Wise Inner Self what to do…. because it does have the answers, it does have the wisdom.

YOU will make it through this storm. Because you are present. Because you have your inner fire, your inner Soulstice, as a guide.

And maybe you are even stronger than you realize .

“I am not what happened to me, I am what I CHOSE to become.”
-Carl Jung

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Changing the story of our Soul

“Our bodies are made of stardust; our souls are made of stories.”
– Rev. Thomas Rhodes

So many of us are shocked and saddened by the current state of our planet and its people — the violence, fear, inequality, non-sustainability — and speak of their despair, that they feel powerless to change it.

But what if we could?

What if that sense of powerlessness is just a “story” we believe to be true?

What if we could contribute to the shift rather than feel we are powerless to move to it?

What if we become participants rather than bystanders?

What if we could change the story?

So let’s look at our stories… our beliefs about our Self and others… our beliefs about “that’s just the way it is” or “there’s nothing I can do about that“.

Where might you be holding your Self back? What beliefs and “stories” about your Self can be released so you can step into a more empowered and authentic self?

And then … look beyond your Self to where you can support others in making change by sharing your light on their journey, by sparking awareness just by your words and actions.

Start by looking within to your special qualities, to your gifts, to your inner resources and wisdom. What have you learned or experienced that could be shared with others to shine a light in areas of concern? Where can you raise your voice or contribute your time?

We each have so many causes that speak to us directly, so much we want to share to improve our culture and lifestyle. What is yours? Perhaps it’s saving or rewilding a local park…. building a permaculture garden… supporting girls’ education and empowerment… passing on indigenous arts and crafts from your culture… advocacy… fighting cancer… sharing beauty through images and words…. creating music… teaching people to make healthy eating and lifestyle choices.

For instance, I am passionate about the health of this planet and her people, and the vital importance of the relationship between the two. I express that through the choices I make in how I live, in my work and where I volunteer my time.

My invitation to you

Make a different choice: Hope rather than despair. Possibility rather than defeat. Love rather than fear. Acceptance rather than judgment. Action rather than passivity.


🌀 Re-examine the perceived status quo.

🌀 Question the story.

🌀 Start to shift and reframe your story about it.

🌀 Create a new paradigm.

🌀 Find new emotions to express your new story, your new song.

🌀 Share your new song… adding the rhythms and music of your life.

🌀 Be a catalyst for change and light the way for others.

There IS a way for you to make a difference.

Yesterday I pondered on my Soul Song… What is the new song you will sing to the world?

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Releasing the layers to your Inner Self


How was last night’s Full Moon in Capricorn for you? I set up my altar and did my Water Release ritual… so gentle, calming and healing.

We will be enjoying that Full Moon energy for a couple more days so if you wish to do Full Moon work or a Full Moon release ritual there is still time.🌝

A few of you checked in with me this morning because the Water Release had an unexpected outcome… As they cleared and released their “stuff”, other “stuff” came to their awareness.

And that’s okay. As we peel away the layers in the process of connecting to our true Inner Self, and in our healing, the release ritual may allow other “stuff” to bubble up, through the masks our mind had created to keep them hidden and submerged.

For me, this is all part of connecting to our Inner Self and the healing process. So be gentle with yourself… allow the healing to start, to process, to complete… allow your Self to be expressed.

Connect with your Inner Self, let it heal you, let your soul shine bright.

In the words of Rumi:

“When inward tenderness finds the secret hurt, pain itself will crack the rock and Ah! let the soul emerge.”

A few weeds and dandelions may emerge from that crack… but they are healing too! And a beautiful flower may find its way through too.

Because here’s the thing…. this “stuff” that emerges is not necessarily limited to negative emotions or buried painful experiences that we are not ready to face for any number of reasons.

In fact, some people (re)discover or acknowledge positive aspects. Why, you say? In my experience as a coach, I have found that some people are not comfortable living from their strengths or true qualities for a wide variety of reasons: fear of overshadowing others… not comfortable or confident about those strengths… Or even that those qualities are not considered “right” or “suitable” or “appropriate” by their society, country or culture.

A client connected with me this morning to share her experience of her Full Moon Release Ritual. She had had a profound insight about her soul work and practice and receive a new way of working with her clientele .. all because she had released a (self-limiting) belief about how her work “should” be done.

She had not been happy in her work, in some of the “truths” and industry conventions with which she operated. So, she asked the question “What would my work look like without this belief?” And her wise Inner Self stepped and told her!!!

She knew in her heart what to do and how to be authentic but hadn’t been brave enough to step into what she wanted to do… simply because no one else she knew was doing it this way! And her wise Inner Self knew how to make the changes and how to communicate her new way.

And that’s the thing about being a true leader and innovator… you may be the only one on the path for a while until you can shine the light of your ideas with others.

Her plan is to continue to release even more throughout the waning moon and then rework everything at the start of next month’s New Moon… And in a lovely twist, she live south of the equator so the next New Moon coincides with Imbolc, a perfect time for birthing new things!

I love how this works!

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Hold space and step into YOUR best way of being

13346508_10153893325041645_3478602027368466649_nLet’s practise a little unconditional love today!

When I first read the pictured quote from Goethe, I got caught up in the “ought to be” part… My mind started to wonder if this was being judgmental. Who decides what “ought to be” for someone else?

Unless we ask someone what they ought to be, then our behaviour is based on our subjective belief of what another is capable of being or “should” be.

Or is it? Is that always true?

We can see, feel and hear when a person is not acting from their own highest good. We can see, feel and hear when someone is fully immersed in negativity, anger, fear, self-loathing, victimization, pain or blaming.

When someone experiencing the world from that dark place, they are disconnected from their Wise Inner Self. They are acting from the part of the brain that manages the fight-or-flight response, from fear, from a sense of impending danger or loss.  In “coach-speak”, they are not fully accessing the inner resources available to them.

We can recognize that they are in that dark place without judging them, and can simply acknowledge it rather than reacting to it.

I began to see that this quote isn’t just about the other person and who they ought (or ought not) to be… It’s fundamentally about our Self and how we choose to react — or respond — to someone else’s behaviour, and whether or not we can hold space for someone to step into their best way of being…. by stepping into our best way of being.

And how do we do that? By:

💞 choosing to not react to their negative state with one of our own — judgment, criticism, anger — but, instead, choosing to respond to the highest and best part of them with the highest and best part of us.

💞 responding with thoughtfulness rather than reacting in a knee-jerk tit-for-tat way…

💞 trusting and respecting their journey…

💞 supporting them without enabling them… allowing them to own their own solutions

💞 holding space for them, and for our Self. When we hold space, it means just that: with our love and acceptance we hold a container of safe space for another to fully experience their own journey, their own processes, and come to their own decisions and actions.

💞 being the Isumataq — the person who creates the atmosphere in which wisdom reveals itself.

“Treat people as if they were what they ought to be and you help them to become what they are capable of being.”
– Goethe


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Soul Questions for the Full Milk Moon


How do you connect with the Divine Feminine? More and more, women I know are joining – or leading – Women’s Circles at the New Moon or the Full Moon as a way to reconnect with their Divine Feminine, to explore Goddess energy and more.

I will be starting an on-line circle Moon Goddess Circle this Fall (if not sooner!) but wanted to share with you a Soul Questions activity you can consider for the Full Milk Moon which arrives Saturday, May 21st at 2:15 PM Pacific Time (21:15 UTC). This can be incorporated into the Full Moon Heart Chakra ritual I posted earlier in Celebrating the Full Milk Moon.

This Full Milk Moon has many names including Hawthorn Moon, Full Flower Moon, Corn Planting Moon. Milk Moon refers to the breastfeeding of the animals at this time.

I love its connection to the Goddess energy. And what is that connection you may ask? Many women see the Milk Moon as a symbol of the Divine Feminine, the sacred breasts that nurture and feed us all… and an opportunity to look at our own relationship to our Breasts… our Moons of Love.

Soul Questions for the Full Milk Moon

Instagram Post-16With the love that has filled your heart chakra during the Full Moon Heart Ritual, take some time to consider your relationship with your Self, your Body and your Moons of Love which lovingly protect your Heart Chakra.

Whether you are celebrating the Full Moon in Sacred Circle with other women or in solo practice, meditate or journey and share with your Circle in a loving and respectful way.

Consider these Soul Questions, or write your own:

What do my breasts mean to me? Do I love them? When do I think about them? Do I wish they were different in some way? Have they caused me pain? Do they bring me joy? What did my Mother and my family “teach” me about my breasts? What do I call them? As I look on my past as an outsider, not reliving that past, what experiences left me with a negative feeling? As I look on my past as an outsider, observing not reliving, what experiences left me feeling good about myself and my breasts?

If I spoke to my Breasts, what would I want to tell them? And what would they want me to know?

Take a few minutes in your Sacred Space or Circle, to collect your thoughts and feelings, and answers to these questions.

TIP: If your group is comfortable in group meditations or journeys, ritualize this exploration by journeying to one’s breasts, using drums, rattles, singing bowls or recorded music.

As with any journey, start with a cleanse, invite your guides on the journey for support, and finish with gratitude.

When everyone has had time to jot their notes into their journal or diary (five minutes or so), invite everyone to share their thoughts, feelings, and experiences. Depending on the size of your group and the time remaining in your Circle, set a timer for each participant (three minutes or so), so that everyone has a chance to speak, should they wish.

Know that for some, this may be an uncomfortable conversation, for some a cathartic experience, and for others a loving celebration of the positive relationship they have with their body. Hold space for each other, respectfully and unconditionally, as each chooses to share their herstory. For some, their’s will be a private journey not to be shared. And that is okay.

You may be amused by the variety of names for those Moons of Love. I’ve heard so many — the girls, the Pointer Sisters, tatas, boobs, tittens and even individual names like Flopsy and Topsy!

After the group sharing, take a moment to jot down into your journal what you want to release or heal, and what you want to invite into your life. Jot each onto a piece of paper, and close your Soul Question work with a Fire Ceremony, such as the one described in an earlier post from today, to manifest the release and the invitation.

Here is a chant to the Goddess that can be played during your Fire Ceremony:

A special thank you to Karen and Slí An Chroí for sharing this beautiful Moons of Love conversation.

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