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Watch the Sky: Jupiter-Saturn Solstice Star 21-DEC

Look to the South-West in the hour following sunset I have been a stargazer since childhood, fascinated by the stories of the constellations and the patterns they create in the sky (and the legends of how they got there), the Milky Way and more distance galaxies, by the various meteor showers and comets that blaze… Continue reading Watch the Sky: Jupiter-Saturn Solstice Star 21-DEC

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Lion’s Gate 8:8 Portal 2020

I am neither an astrologer nor a numerologist, but have been fascinated by the Lion's Gate 8:8 concept for a few years, especially as it is closely aligned with both true LĂșnasa (NH) and true Imbolg (SH), which in 2020 occurs on August 7th at 06:27 PDT (13:27  UTC). Some call this celebration Old Lammas or… Continue reading Lion’s Gate 8:8 Portal 2020