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Lion’s Gate 8:8 Portal

This year (2019), the Sun entered Leo on July 23rd and we began tuning into the 8:8 Lion's Gate power portal which peaks on 8/8/2019 and ends (closes) when the Sun moves into Virgo on August 23rd.  You may see various dates for when the portal opens and closes, but all agree that the peak… Continue reading Lion’s Gate 8:8 Portal

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Signs you may be a Priestess

In this lunar month (August 1st - 30th), I am exploring and honouring the Priestess archetype, which we are also exploring in our "13 Moons, 13 Goddesses" course (see footnote). The Priestess archetype has been calling to me my whole life. I was always drawn to ritual, everday sacred, magic, Grandmother Moon, and my guides,… Continue reading Signs you may be a Priestess

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Pause & Reflect with the Gemini New Moon

In the last lunar month and the Full Flower Moon, we explored the theme of Blossoming, Opening. As I contemplated this month’s theme, I sat in the energy of Mama Earth and how she is currently expressing and manifesting her Self in my environment. Initially, I felt a strong pull towards a theme of “Attainment,… Continue reading Pause & Reflect with the Gemini New Moon