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September Soul Work prompt

Ah, September. This month crept up on me ever so slowly, ever so quietly. I somehow rushed full tilt through July and August and suddenly it’s September. What does September mean to you?  As a child, for me it meant the end of summer vacation and going back to school, getting a new school outfit… Continue reading September Soul Work prompt

Soul Work

Spring Awakening

Image by Mark Frost BlackDog1966 on Pixabay I recently participated in an interesting challenge, one inspired by a line from one of my favourite poems by one of my favourite poets. The poem was “Wild Geese” by Mary Oliver. You can hear Mary Oliver read her poem here or by clicking the image below, and… Continue reading Spring Awakening

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March Soul Work Theme: Wholeness from Duality

The precise theme for our Soul Work in March has been ebbing and flowing in my mind, and that perhaps that itself is a portent of the theme and how it may require fluidity and flow throughout the month. There are so many energetic influences in March, such as the flowing creative energy of the… Continue reading March Soul Work Theme: Wholeness from Duality

Soul Work

Right Relationship with Self

Image by 0fjd125gk87 from Pixabay  My inspiration for this week’s soul work prompt was a quote by Carl Jung: "In each of us there is another whom we do not know.” One of the responsibilities — and one might say joys — in our journey through life, is understanding our Sacred Contract and manifesting it with our authentic… Continue reading Right Relationship with Self

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Build a relationship with Land

In my private Facebook group, the Wise Woman Bean Gealach Circle, I recently started a series of Prompts to support one's Soul Work. Some use them as a prompt for free-writing, whilst others use them as tarot or oracle card layout. Some also use them as prompts for meditation or journeying. Each prompt has an… Continue reading Build a relationship with Land

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Love is in the Air

Happy Valentine’s Day!  Did you know that this day is also a Feast Day for Venus and Aphrodite? It's a perfect time to celebrate the Goddess within and love of all kinds:  love of our Self, our goddess, our family, our friends, our companion animals and, yes, love of our romantic partner.  I’m sure we can each… Continue reading Love is in the Air

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Four Shamanic Questions and Healing Salves

I am re-reading Angeles Arrien's book  The Four-Fold Way: Walking the Paths of the Warrior, Healer, Teacher and Visionary, and always find new insights, new lessons and new ways forward. If you are not familiar with the book, I share below just one of the aspects — the Four Shamanic Questions — that I come… Continue reading Four Shamanic Questions and Healing Salves

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Let’s dance!

Photo by Peter Conlan on Unsplash Today, April 29th, is International Dance Day! There is something wonderful about dancing... moving... connecting to the music and the rhythm... that beautiful sense of letting go of our busy "monkey mind"  and just expressing our Self from that wordless place of emotion in our heart and soul. So, just for today… Continue reading Let’s dance!

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MoonDay Musings: Tree Allies

Guides and allies are revealed to us in different ways and in many forms. Amongst my allies are spirits, ancestors, stones, animals, plants and trees. One of my teachers connected to a mountain for guidance.  I often find guidance in my relationship with trees, which some indigenous folks call the Standing People. I am fortunate… Continue reading MoonDay Musings: Tree Allies