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Join The Bean Gealach Circle

Click image to join us! I am so excited! Creating a new community of online gatherings has been a dream of mine ever since I launched the Wise Woman Bean Gealach Circle on Facebook. I had all kinds of ideas, but saw myself only as the co-creator of this community. So, I listened to what you all… Continue reading Join The Bean Gealach Circle


Saint Patrick’s Day traditions old and new

I often write about the traditions, lore and celebrations in the Wheel of the Year and other special days and how important it is to create our own traditions whilst honouring the intent of our Celtic (or other) ancestors. But truth be told, although we may know some of the lore and traditions, we can… Continue reading Saint Patrick’s Day traditions old and new

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Finding your sanctuary

Where do you find your sanctuary? Your sacred place? Like this Hermann Hesse quote, I find sanctuary with the trees and with Nature... meditating in or walking through a forest, sitting at the ocean's edge contemplating the sky and the water, strolling through a meadow, sitting on a riverbank. Click image to follow us on… Continue reading Finding your sanctuary


Celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day

The feast day celebration of Saint Patrick outside of Ireland has morphed into a curious mix of marketing — green beer? shamrock shakes? Irish tacos? leprechaun jokes? — along with "the wearing of the green" for celebrating one's Irish heritage. And yet Saint Patrick was not Irish, but certainly is recognized now as one of… Continue reading Celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day

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Living large or embracing a smaller life?

Photo by Simon Berger on Unsplash Earlier today, I read an article from The Toronto Star, shared by a friend on Facebook. The article was a huge eye-opener for me — a paradigm shift — especially on this Autumn Equinox as we contemplate the wisdom grown and harvested since the Spring Equinox, and offer gratitude for that harvest.… Continue reading Living large or embracing a smaller life?

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Be the wind… Be the wave… Be the stag and hawk

When we consider beauty — of our Self and that of Nature — remember that we are also part of that glorious thing called Nature. Like everything on this planet, we share the same molecules and the need for Air, Water, Fire, Earth... and Spirit. And Love. And Connection. As Maya Angelou said, "We are… Continue reading Be the wind… Be the wave… Be the stag and hawk

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Signs you may be a Priestess

In this lunar month (August 1st - 30th), I am exploring and honouring the Priestess archetype, which we are also exploring in our "13 Moons, 13 Goddesses" course (see footnote). The Priestess archetype has been calling to me my whole life. I was always drawn to ritual, everday sacred, magic, Grandmother Moon, and my guides,… Continue reading Signs you may be a Priestess

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August Full Moon: Celebrating Diana, goddess of The Hunt & Moon

Some of the earliest gods and goddesses from ancient cultures are associated with heavenly bodies — the Sun, the Moon and the stars— and with the Earth itself, each attributed with a specific energy (feminine or masculine) and with specific functions, not unlike today’s Christian saints and their “patronage” (e.g. Saint Cecilia, patroness of musicians;… Continue reading August Full Moon: Celebrating Diana, goddess of The Hunt & Moon


Divine Imperfection and Repeated “Mistakes”

Last January, I shared my thoughts on Divine Imperfection: the Joy of Making Mistakes, inspired by a Neil Gaiman quote from 2011. The original post resonated with many people, and I received several private messages and emails with thoughts and comments that folks hesitated to post publicly. And that’s okay too! A common thread in these private… Continue reading Divine Imperfection and Repeated “Mistakes”

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Celebrating the 12 Days of Solstice

Winter Solstice. . . Yule . . . This festive season is a time for Celebration: the end of the calendar year, with much to be grateful for.  Even in difficult times, there is always something for which we are thankful: friendships, family, new possibilities, and more. It is a time to light candles, share… Continue reading Celebrating the 12 Days of Solstice