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Early Bird ends today 16-JAN for Imbolc Course

Jump into this course in our new Wheel of the Year series, and learn how to create your own celebrations, ceremonies, incenses and craft sacred objects for Imbolc 2020, and journey to Brighid's Forge where you will connect with your Inner Cauldrons and their wisdom, receive a spirit gift from Brighid, and (in a separate… Continue reading Early Bird ends today 16-JAN for Imbolc Course

Wheel of the Year

Reflections on the #12DaysOfSolstice2019: Choice

Now that the 12 Days of Solstice are complete, I share some thoughts on the magic and Wisdom of Solstice: Choice. Throughout the 12 Days, I focus on meditation and release (and usually with a closing Fire Ritual a Release to honour Father Sun) to complete the calendar year and create a fertile ground for… Continue reading Reflections on the #12DaysOfSolstice2019: Choice

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12 Days of Solstice 2019: Awaken the Magic

May something magical happen to you today...... And if you haven't found the magic, create your own! A RITUAL / CEREMONY FOR WINTER SOLSTICE DAYS Here is a simple magical ceremony for the Winter Solstice period (and/or during the peak or waning energy of the Moon), for releasing what you no longer need, and accepting… Continue reading 12 Days of Solstice 2019: Awaken the Magic

Wheel of the Year

Celebrating Solstice and Visioning 2020

Solstice is coming! Yes! The December Solstice arrives December 22 @ 4:19 UTC, which for me is December 21st at 8:19 PM PST. Solstice is a magical time of year for me, whether I'm celebrating Winter Solstice or Summer Solstice. Both are an opportunity to reflect, recharge and (perhaps) set a new direction as we… Continue reading Celebrating Solstice and Visioning 2020

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Pausing to Remember . . . together

As I decolonize my language and spiritual practices, I increasingly look to my cultural past to learn how my Ancestors connected with the land and its changing seasons, and how they celebrated their connection to the energies of Land, Sea and Sky . . . especially at those liminal times when we shift with the… Continue reading Pausing to Remember . . . together

Lunar Cycles, Wheel of the Year

To make and end is to make a beginning

How are you feeling at this start of a new cycle in the Wheel of the Year? Does it feel like a new beginning . . .  or, perhaps a return to familiar territory, to familiar energies? For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, Samhain has just passed, marking a new turn in the… Continue reading To make and end is to make a beginning

Wheel of the Year

MoonDay Musings: honour your rhythms

My personal theme for this lunar month (and also shared in “13 Moons, 13 Goddesses”) is “Pause”. As one turn in the Wheel of the Years completes, another begins. And in this Pause, this “Time of No Time”, we dream . . . we remember . . . and we envision what is ahead. And… Continue reading MoonDay Musings: honour your rhythms