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Celebrate the Si (fairies!) on June 24th

Not only do we celebrate the Solstice and MidSummer in June, but the world at large has recognized June 24th as International Fairy Day!   An gcreideann tú sna síoga? Do you believe in fairies? The tales of the Sídhe (fairies, from old Irish) from Irish lore were rather different from those of other cultures… Continue reading Celebrate the Si (fairies!) on June 24th

Wisdom from Grandmother Moon

Thanksgiving Blessings

Here in Canada, we celebrate Thanksgiving on the second Monday in October.  So, this weekend for me is all about reflection and gratitude. On this Thanksgiving weekend, I wish blessings of joy, love and abundance to all and to my loved ones, family and friends. I love these words from Henry David Thoreau which express… Continue reading Thanksgiving Blessings