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Celebrate the Si (fairies!) on June 24th

Not only do we celebrate the Solstice and MidSummer in June, but the world at large has recognized June 24th as International Fairy Day!   An gcreideann tú sna síoga? Do you believe in fairies? The tales of the Sídhe (fairies, from old Irish) from Irish lore were rather different from those of other cultures… Continue reading Celebrate the Si (fairies!) on June 24th

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A Gift from An Cailleach

I have always wanted — and searched for on local rocky beaches here in Vancouver — a hag stone. If you’re not familiar with them, they are essentially a small stone (typically something you can hold in your hand), with a naturally formed hole through it. Many consider hag stones to be magical, for use… Continue reading A Gift from An Cailleach

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Join The Bean Gealach Circle

Click image to join us! I am so excited! Creating a new community of online gatherings has been a dream of mine ever since I launched the Wise Woman Bean Gealach Circle on Facebook. I had all kinds of ideas, but saw myself only as the co-creator of this community. So, I listened to what you all… Continue reading Join The Bean Gealach Circle

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Companion Animals . . . or Familiars?

Many of us have animal guides and messengers bringing us wisdom when needed, and some of us have companion animals with us at all times, bringing their special magick: unconditional love, companionship and perhaps a little healing! It has been said that having a companion animal is a natural way to reduce blood pressure and… Continue reading Companion Animals . . . or Familiars?

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An Aphrodite Love Charm (and tea) for Valentine’s Day

  Sometimes I look at the herbal formulations I have used or created in the past, and note how so many of them are multipurpose. Without a specific header or description, the formulation could be for a herbal tea, a spell, for using in a charm or even as a loose incense. For me, that… Continue reading An Aphrodite Love Charm (and tea) for Valentine’s Day

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The magick of the Linden tree

I am working diligently on my tree identification skills and this is where the phenology wheels (as discussed in our free Wisdom From Grandmother Moon course) are so useful: I can often identify trees at specific times (such as when they are blossoming or bearing their fruits or berries) but not in winter, etc. I’m hoping… Continue reading The magick of the Linden tree

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Celebrating the Elder Tree

Each month, new header images are selected for this blog to reflect the activity and changes of Mama Earth around us. Today I honour the Elder tree (Sambucus nigra), which blossoms in many locations from late June into late July. Elder is a powerful tree, considered magical and holy by many cultures, as a source… Continue reading Celebrating the Elder Tree

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Inspiration from Mugwort

Today I felt the Soulflower Plant Spirit Art “Soulflower Plant Spirit Oracle Deck” calling to me.... and wondered what Medicine it would bring me today. The card I pulled was Mugwort: Integration. Card message: “There is a rhythm and balance to all life —a dance between physical reality and the spiritual world. Mugwort opens and… Continue reading Inspiration from Mugwort

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Blessings on the Full Moon Super Moon in Gemini

Wisdom from Seanmháthair Gealach (Grandmother Moon) Full Moon Super Moon in Gemini Sunday December 3 @ 7:47 am PT / 15:47 UTC Gemini energy: Air (the mind, thoughts and dreams), Mutable (preparing us for what is coming next) Theme for this lunar month: Deep Wisdom Ah. . .  our last Full Moon of the calendar… Continue reading Blessings on the Full Moon Super Moon in Gemini

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The magic of one’s own Sacred Space

I treasure the time I spend at my personal altar. It anchors my day, bringing a moment of stillness, timelessness, magic, clarity. There, I disengage from the sounds and distraction of the busy world outside and step into my own sacred space. I breathe differently when I’m there... slower, more deeply. I move differently... more… Continue reading The magic of one’s own Sacred Space