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Bibliomancy: divination through books

This morning I was looking for inspiration, and used a little bibliomancy for inspiration, sharing a lovely quote from Anam Cara by John O'Donohue. (click here to read it)  If you feel so moved, try a little bibliomancy of your own today. If you haven’t tried bibliomancy before, start by asking a simple question such… Continue reading Bibliomancy: divination through books

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The need for an Anam Cara, a Soul friend

I often turn to John O'Donoghue's beautiful book Anam Cara: A Book of Celtic Wisdom for inspiration. Just as I do with Embers: One Ojibway's Meditations by Richard Wagamese, I often practise a little bibliomancy. . .  I just open the book at a random page for wisdom. For more info about bibliomancy, click here. This passage… Continue reading The need for an Anam Cara, a Soul friend

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See all paths with the wisdom of Hekate

Hekate / Hecate is a Greek goddess associated with magic, witchcraft, necromancy, the underworld, childbirth and crossroads. Her time is that of the Dark Moon, the time of release and renewal. She is honoured at the 30th (always her special day!) of each month, at the Dark Moon and at the beginning at sunset on… Continue reading See all paths with the wisdom of Hekate

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An Cailleach Wisdom: the kindness of rhythm in your journey

At this time of Samhain, An Cailleach — the Crone of Winter — reminds me to curb my innate tendency to fill my days with “stuff”, and to acknowledge that there is value and wisdom — and a true need — to embrace the soft gentle time of Winter rest... to accept that it is also productive time when we reflect, release, rest, reset, rebirth and, in the words of John O'Donohue, as we entrain with “kindness of rhythm in your journey”. It’s part of our natural cycle in the Wheel of the Year.


A yearning for reflection at Samhain

This year’s Samhain has been both complex and profound for me and I wondered if I am alone in this, or if others are also feeling a deeper pull, a call for a deeper and longer reflective period, and a greater need for renewal and new beginnings. I began my celebration at “traditional” Samhain at… Continue reading A yearning for reflection at Samhain

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Ancestral Card Layout for Samhain

Blessings on “true” Samhain! Many of us in the Northern Hemisphere celebrated Samhain (SOW-en), the Celtic New Year and one of the most significant dates in the Celtic Wheel of the Year, starting at sunset on October 31st and ending at sunset November 1st. However, Samhain was not always celebrated on that specific day, now… Continue reading Ancestral Card Layout for Samhain

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A Cailleach Cairn for your Samhain Release Ritual

In the Spiral of the Wheel of the Year, with tonight's arrival of Samhain, the Celtic New Year, we return to our beginnings, the deep nurturing womb of Mama Earth represented by the end of Harvest and the beginning of Winter. . . a time of deep reflection on our past year, a time of connection with… Continue reading A Cailleach Cairn for your Samhain Release Ritual