Earth Medicine, Wheel of the Year

Trust in the chaos of transformation

Autumn emerging on Vancouver's Arbutus Greenway Shifting from season to season can be chaotic at times, as the energies transform, at times moving forward and at times clinging or returning to its previous state. And so it has been for us lately in my locale. The summer heat and drought was stubbornly clinging well past… Continue reading Trust in the chaos of transformation

Lunar Cycles, Wheel of the Year

Full Blood Moon in Taurus: triple powered!

Image by D Mz from Pixabay Full Blood Moon in Taurus November 8 at 10:02 UTC, 3:02 am PST, 6:02 am EST, 10:02 pm AEDT and "true" Samhain, November 7th at 10:36 UTC / 05:36 EST / 02:36 PST Wow! There is so much to unpack with the coming full moon! Not only will we… Continue reading Full Blood Moon in Taurus: triple powered!

Wheel of the Year

Samhain Blessings

Photo by freestocks on Unsplash Until sunset tonight, November 1st, we celebrate Samhain (pronounced sow-wen) aka Samhuinn (so-ven), the start of the Celtic winter, the season of the dark, and the beginning of a new cycle of growth and renewal.  Samhain is a sacred time, a time to honour our Ancestors and Wise Elders, and a time of… Continue reading Samhain Blessings

Moonday Musings

Moonday Musings: What will survive of us?

Original image by Debby Hudson on Unsplash   At this time of Samhain here in the Northern Hemisphere — a time to honour our ancestors and those who have passed in this turn of the Wheel of the Year — I like to give gratitude for what my ancestors have given me: their resilience, their… Continue reading Moonday Musings: What will survive of us?

Wheel of the Year

Craft a Parshell for Samhain Eve

Parshell illustration from Kevin Danaher's "The Year in Ireland: Irish Calendar Customs" Samhain is coming! I typically start preparing my Samhain crafts a few weeks before the actual celebration, such as talismans and amulets, as some items require both materials and inspiration! I had planned to start with a Rowan red thread cross, which some… Continue reading Craft a Parshell for Samhain Eve

Rituals and Ceremonies

Candle Magic: Pink for love

Image source: CanvaPro I love using candles when saying my affirmations, and like to use colours that match the intention of the affirmation. Today I am working with pink, for love, affection, romance, spiritual awakening, and the healing of spirit. Before you light your candle, do a little soul work and prepare an affirmation, and… Continue reading Candle Magic: Pink for love

Lunar Cycles

Thanksgiving Blessings

Image source CanvaPro These words from Mary Oliver, in her poem “Rice”, speak to me in so many ways. On this day of Thanksgiving here in Canada— its feasts and celebrations rooted in a complex mix of both indigenous and settler traditions, including the bounty of the harvest — Oliver’s words call to us to… Continue reading Thanksgiving Blessings

Lunar Cycles

Full Moon in Aries: the courage of stillness

Full Moon in Aries October 9 @ 20:54 UTC,  5:54 pm EDT,  1:54 pm PDT, and October 10 @ 7:54 am AEST  This Full Moon — the last in the current wheel of the year, which begins again at Samhain — finds us in the fire sign Aries and is a good time to reflect… Continue reading Full Moon in Aries: the courage of stillness

Wheel of the Year

Equinox: Wisdom in duality

As I contemplated the energies of today’s Equinox, the complementary essences and energies held around the  world, I came across a quote from physicist Niels Bohr. His powerful words are still rippling through my mind and my inner consciousness: "If you hold opposites together in your mind, you will suspend your normal thinking process and… Continue reading Equinox: Wisdom in duality

Wheel of the Year

Equinox: complementary essences

click here or the image above for info on our our equinox season course The September 2022 Equinox arrives on the 22nd @ 6:03 pm PDT / 23rd @ 01:03 UTC. The Equinoxes of Spring and Autumn are magical times, turning points in the Spiral Dance in our Wheel of the Year, and promises of… Continue reading Equinox: complementary essences