Lunar Cycles, Wheel of the Year

New Moon in Pisces: Awakening and Blossoming

As you get into the Pisces energetic flow, feel your creative energy arise, “spring up”, and embrace all that this cleansing awakens, reveals and enables — the blossoming of your inner self.

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Lunar Cycles, Soul Work

Soul Work for the Virgo Full Moon

The Quickening Full Moon in Virgo arrives 27 February, 2021 @ 12:17 AM PST / 08:17 UTC. Click here to read our February 25th post on the energies of this full moon. For many the Full Moon is about releasing and letting go, and it is perfect for that. But, it is also about manifesting… Continue reading Soul Work for the Virgo Full Moon

Lunar Cycles

The Quickening Full Moon in Virgo

The Full Moon in Virgo arrives 27 February @ 12:17 AM PST / 08:17 UTC How do you experience February, this time when we are slowly shifting from the Earth of Winter to the Air of Spring?  There is no one way to experience February, or name the February Full Moon. This month may be the coldest… Continue reading The Quickening Full Moon in Virgo

Divine Feminine

Happy Galentine’s Day

This unofficial holiday may have started as an episode on the TV show “Parks & Recreation”, but it seems like a great idea to me to have a holiday celebrating women’s friendships! It is now celebrated annually on February 13th. A big hug — and thank you — to all my SiStars, blood or otherwise,… Continue reading Happy Galentine’s Day

Soul Work

Celebrate your Self on Valentine’s Day

Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day?  Some see this holiday as a purely commercial event, a “Hallmark moment”, focusing only on romantic love and partnerships, flowers and chocolate, and candlelit dinners. For some that will be a challenge in 2021, due to all that is happening with the pandemic.  But for me, I look at Valentine's… Continue reading Celebrate your Self on Valentine’s Day

Earth Medicine

New Year for the Trees 2021

Pomegranate bud image by 18986 from Pixabay  Around our precious planet, our ancestors were tied to the cycles of Mama Earth, essential for those who depended on the land for food, shelter and sustenance. These cycles were celebrated through rituals and festivals, and evolved over time as their culture changed too. Many of these celebrations of our pagan… Continue reading New Year for the Trees 2021

Wheel of the Year

Lúnasa Season Course: register now

To our kin in the Southern Hemisphere, I invite you to join us to celebrate Lúnasa Season. Explore the season from Lúnasa — also known as First Harvest, Lammas and Lughnasadh, traditionally celebrated on February 1st in the Southrn Hemisphere and August 1st in the Northern Hemisphere — through to the Autumn Equinox: celebrations and soul work… Continue reading Lúnasa Season Course: register now

Wheel of the Year

Imbolg & Brighid’s Realms course: register now

Join us for Imbolg season to celebrate the first wave of Spring energy in 2021, and honour the goddess Brighid who we celebrate at Imbolg. Imbolg arrives around 01-February in the Northern Hemisphere, and we will be in that Imbolg energy until Spring Equinox arrives. You may know Brighid as a triple goddess, with aspects… Continue reading Imbolg & Brighid’s Realms course: register now

Earth Medicine

Reinventing the human

A sacred space for me, the pond at Jericho Beach, Vancouver, BC These words from Thomas Berry, from his 1999 classic The Great Work, really resonated with me — again — today. “The historical mission of our times is to reinvent the human – at the species level, with critical reflection, within the community of… Continue reading Reinventing the human