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Wheel of the Year

This year we launched a new series of seasonal courses  inspired by the Celtic Wheel of the Year. There will be eight modules, one for each of the celebrations: Winter Solstice, Imbolc, Spring Equinox, Bealtainne, Summer Solstice, Lughnasadh, Autumn Equinox and Samhain.

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Spring Equinox 2020 
Open now and available until end-March-2020.

Many of us feel closest to Mama Earth in Spring, as the energy of new life so rapidly waxes around us.

Join with the energy of the seasons, as together we explore the second of the Spring Celebrations in the Wheel of the Year — known  by many other names such as Alban Eilir, Cónacht An Earraig, Earrach, Summer Finding and Ostara — with ceremony and ritual, herbs and crafts, card layouts, the goddess of Spring, and more!

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Early Bird: $10 USD
Full Price: $15USD

Ruzuku_Immrama_Course Announcements 800 x800p-5Imbolc and Brighid’s Fire.
Available for registration now, course content available 17-JAN-2020
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Cost $10 USD for Early Bird, $15 USD from 17-JAN-2020 onwards.

Join us to celebrate the first wave of Spring energy in 2020, and honour the goddess Brighid with ceremony, crafts and a guided journey Brighid’s Forge.

Imbolc arrives around 01-February in the Northern Hemisphere, and the course will also be offered again for those in the Southern Hemisphere.

wp-sidebar-graphics-resized-to-560-x-397-2In this course, you will learn about the exquisite partnership between yourself and Grandmother Moon, and how to dance with her energy throughout the lunar month as you create a natural flow and rhythm together.

Each lesson is unique, capturing how you can connect and align— entrain — with the energy of each phase of the moon. You will learn about the lunar energetics, moon-based rituals and practices for your Soul Work throughout the month, and how to take the wisdom learned into your next lunar journey… and into your daily practices and activities as you align with Grandmother Moon. This course was created for womxn.

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sidebar graphics 7If you love working with Mother Earth, following the energies of Grandmother Moon (Seanmháthair Gealach), aligning with the energy of the Celtic Wheel of The Year, or are interested in learning more about this path, you will find great resources – and the opportunity to ask questions, share rituals, and more – in our NEW private Facebook Group, the Wise Woman Bean Gealach Circle. Limited to those who identify as women.

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WP Sidebar graphics-5Connect to your purpose, your medicine, eliminate self-limiting beliefs, and integrate the new wisdom into your life through this unique you-centered blend of shamanic coaching and journeys, energy healing, alchemical healing, Earth Medicine, PSYCH-K® and PER-K® balancing, and six-sensory work. Together we draw on the modalities that best support your journey.

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Our blog header changes frequently, to show my alignment with Mama Earth as she expresses herself in Vancouver BC where I am based.

Our new header is aligned with the energies of Imbolc and Early Spring, and was sourced as follows:

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