Praying Peace… and speaking out

Today many countries observe Remembrance Day, in honour of those who we lost... those who have fallen... in service of others, in service of freedom. In these troubled times, many of us have loved ones engaged in active conflicts... in warfare... fighting terrorism... and aiding in the humanitarian efforts to support the injured and the… Continue reading Praying Peace… and speaking out

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A Lughnasadh ritual for Abundance and Rebirth

I love this quote from Henry David Thoreau, which - for me at least - perfectly captures my thoughts about Lughnasadh and other harvest festivals... that true abundance is intangible and that we are a speck in the immense cosmos around us, a piece of stardust in the human form. “The true harvest of my life… Continue reading A Lughnasadh ritual for Abundance and Rebirth

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Happiness: Looking for the Spiritual pony in Life’s manure

Let's talk about happiness... What does it mean to you? Are you happy? In a Facebook group, a question was posed recently that ignited a dialogue about happiness and what it meant to me and others: "What are you doing right now to get closer to your true self and feel happier?" WOW! Great question!… Continue reading Happiness: Looking for the Spiritual pony in Life’s manure

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Take one small step… for your Self

Take a risk... Take a chance... Live fiercely! Live authentically! Some of us are hesitant to be our true Selves because of fear... Fear of ridicule, of hatred, of disapproval, of not fitting in, of being disliked, of being discriminated against.... or even of the opposite - being praised, lauded, or recognized. This post is… Continue reading Take one small step… for your Self

Divine Feminine, Divine Masculine

Celebrating the Divine Feminine on International Women’s Day

On Tuesday, March 8th, please join me in celebrating International Women’s Day on the New Moon - so powerful - by sending out a beautiful personalized affirmation for Women around the world. I like to think that we can celebrate and honour the Divine Feminine (and Divine Masculine) within us each and every day, but… Continue reading Celebrating the Divine Feminine on International Women’s Day


Your first love – the Self❤️

   Cherish and honour those you ❤️love❤️ on Valentine's Day. But be sure to celebrate YOU — it's a lifelong relationship that isn't going away❤️ "To love onself is the start of a life-long romance." ~ Oscar Wilde On Valentine's Day.... Celebrate YOU! ❤️ Love your Self ❤️ Forgive your Self ❤️ Honour your Self

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Surround yourself with love, Starchild 

   One of the best ways to stay whole and positive, to bloom, to be the wonderful and self-realized individuals that we are, is to surround ourselves with people who believe in us, people who love us. I am inspired today by this empowering quote from Noor Shirazie: "You are made out of comets and… Continue reading Surround yourself with love, Starchild