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My body is a wilderness

Oh how I love these words from Ojibway author Richard Wagamese, who left us earlier this year to walk with The Ancestors. His words inspire me daily, especially in his book Embers: One Ojibway's Meditations. "My body is a wilderness. To understand that I need to inhabit it. I need to contemplate, meditate, and reflect… Continue reading My body is a wilderness


Celebrating and Honouring All The Stages In Our lives

  Several friends and colleagues recently have had milestone birthdays, anywhere from 21 to 70 and everything in-between. Each approached their milestone differently — some with curiosity, some with trepidation, some with celebration... and some by planning their first cosmetic "tweak"! At this point in my life, I have embraced my ageing process, the changes… Continue reading Celebrating and Honouring All The Stages In Our lives

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Opening the Silver Gate of Wisdom

Aging is a curious thing. As I look around me, to my friends and family and colleagues, I see that we each age so very differently — physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I am definitely embracing the “crone” years and the wisdom and freedom that brings. I still feel very young, and plan to for some… Continue reading Opening the Silver Gate of Wisdom

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Opening your Rustic Gate of Wisdom

Yesterday I wrote about the New Moon in Cancer, and how in this month's journey we connect to our creativity, nurturing and mothering/birthing (self, others, etc). And then this morning, I came across a book I had read last year but which somehow found its way onto my desk. I have no idea how that happened ....… Continue reading Opening your Rustic Gate of Wisdom

Earth Medicine

What I learned from the Trees

Trees teach us so many things — such as how important each of us is in mothering our communities. Yes, Trees can be a Mama 🌳 This beautiful tree is at the end of its life yet continues to contribute to the health of its forest community. Nurse trees and logs support our Eco-systems in… Continue reading What I learned from the Trees

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Goddess Body, World Body

I love when people come together to joyfully participate in communal meditation and activity. I am currently participating in a two-week EarthPrayer meditation group, where each day we examine a different aspect of our relationship with our blessed Mother Earth. One of the aspects we are looking at is Goddess Body, World Body. My thoughts… Continue reading Goddess Body, World Body

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Celebrate the Wisdom of the Crone

At least twice a week, I take a Range of Motion class at my local pool to keep fit and strengthen my new titanium knees. One of the things I love about the class is the inspirational group of women I meet there every week.... Ancient Amazons all of them! Their average age is close… Continue reading Celebrate the Wisdom of the Crone

Wheel of the Year

Badges of life

Before my knee replacement surgeries, one of my initial concerns was the amount of scarring... but I quickly realized that was vanity at play. Those surgical scars were medallions recognizing my determination to heal and recover. They were markers of my journey towards health... as well as a reminder to practise self-care. I take inspiration… Continue reading Badges of life


Journeying through The Rustic Gate of Creativity

As I age, I am more and more intrigued by tales of aging in other cultures... the journey from Youth to Elder... from Maiden to Crone ... the challenges that cannot be imagined in our youth... the opportunities that still exist for growth, transformation and the gaining of wisdom. Cultural anthropologist Angeles Arrien shares a… Continue reading Journeying through The Rustic Gate of Creativity

Wheel of the Year

Tip of the Day: you’re not aging… you’re aligning with your wisdom!

Recently I have spent time with several people, agonizing about their upcoming 30th birthdays.... and perhaps not noticing the irony of sharing their fears with someone twice their age! Life brings us many milestones, all worthy of celebration. But at times, I definitely hear concern in the voices of friends - and clients - about… Continue reading Tip of the Day: you’re not aging… you’re aligning with your wisdom!