Butterfly Medicine: beauty and endurance

I used to think of animal scales as a form of protection and camouflage (as well as for heat control), and for many they are. But they can also be a thing of beauty, with their intricate and colourful patterns. I am mesmerized by the beauty of a butterfly's wing... minute colourful scales shimmering in… Continue reading Butterfly Medicine: beauty and endurance

Earth Medicine

The beauty of transformation

I took a walk this morning, curious to see what the Trees had released in last night's wind and rain storm here in Vancouver. Whenever possible, I collect from windfall rather than collecting directly from the trees... even though I do ask šŸŒ³their permissionā¤ It was breezy and so invigorating, walking through the fallen leaves… Continue reading The beauty of transformation

Earth Medicine

The landscape of Inner Beauty

I often write about connecting with our beauty and to the beauty of Nature around us, of which we are a part. The beauty of Nature can take many forms... the voice of a loved one, the cherry blossoms emerging in spring, a shimmering and fragile spider web, a lush forest, the vibrancy of fall… Continue reading The landscape of Inner Beauty