Rituals and Ceremonies

New Moon Candle Magic for Brighid

New Moon in Aquarius January 21 @ 20:53 UTC, 12:53 pm PST, 3:53 pm pm EST, January 22 @ 9:53 am NZDT Imbolg Can be celebrated on February 1st, 3rd and/or 5th! Celebrate the New Moon in Aquarius with a candle blessing for the Celtic goddess Brighid or Saint Brigid, a lovely way to honour… Continue reading New Moon Candle Magic for Brighid

Rituals and Ceremonies

Candle Magic: Pink for love

Image source: CanvaPro I love using candles when saying my affirmations, and like to use colours that match the intention of the affirmation. Today I am working with pink, for love, affection, romance, spiritual awakening, and the healing of spirit. Before you light your candle, do a little soul work and prepare an affirmation, and… Continue reading Candle Magic: Pink for love

Lunar Cycles

Candle Magick for the New Moon

If you've ever made a wish while blowing out a birthday candle, you've done candle magick! This is the most simple type of spell-casting and is a great way to create intention and support you in manifesting your goals. I especially love combining this with my New Moon soul work (which, for me, is usually… Continue reading Candle Magick for the New Moon

Lunar Cycles, Rituals and Ceremonies

A Sweet Release Ritual for the Third Quarter Moon

Wisdom from Seanmháthair Gealach (Grandmother Moon), Part Two Third Quarter Moon in Aries arrives on Day 22 at: 16-July @ 12:25 PM Pacific Time  / 16-July @ 20:25 UTC Once you have read Part One of the Third Quarter Moon Wisdom, Third Quarter Moon: Your Dark Mother allies, you may want to try this gentle release… Continue reading A Sweet Release Ritual for the Third Quarter Moon