Lunar Cycles, Rituals and Ceremonies

Connecting with Grandmother Moon

  Have I ever said how much I love working with my Moon Bowl? Probably! Yes, I have charts and apps that tell me precisely where in her cycle Grandmother Moon (Seanmháthair Gealach) is at any time, but I love this fundamental and physical connection between my altar and the Moon... and me🌙 On the… Continue reading Connecting with Grandmother Moon

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Celebrating the Quickening Full Moon in Virgo

Full Moon Blessings! Our First Nations sisters and brothers have many names for this full moon including the Full Snow Moon and the Bone Moon, alluding to both the typical heaviness of February snows as well as the shortage of food as winter draws to a close. Yet some call it the Quickening Moon, and… Continue reading Celebrating the Quickening Full Moon in Virgo

Rituals and Ceremonies, Wheel of the Year

Blessings for Abundance

On the 7th day so Solstice, I share this Blessing for Abundance with you. From this day forward I give freely and fearlessly into Life, and Life gives back to me with magnificent increase. Many folks follow the Rule of Three (also known as the Three-fold Law or the Law of Return) which says that… Continue reading Blessings for Abundance

Rituals and Ceremonies, Wheel of the Year

How to make a fresh loose incense for Samhain

I love making fresh loose incense... So fresh and aromatic, and easy to make, and you can guarantee the purity of the elements! This is one of my favourite formulations, especially at Samhain: a mixture of frankincense and myrrh resins plus the fresh woody aromatic scents of cedar, rosemary and juniper. And if you prefer… Continue reading How to make a fresh loose incense for Samhain

Wheel of the Year

Lughnasadh Blessings

Today we celebrate the first of the three Celtic - Wiccan - Pagan harvest festivals: Lughnasadh, also known as Lammas. Today as I visited our local farmers market, I revelled in the bounty around me...the fresh berries, vegetables, tree fruits and herbs. And I was reminded of this quote by Henry David Thoreau: “The true… Continue reading Lughnasadh Blessings

Rituals and Ceremonies

Are you ready for the Blue Moon?

Are you ready for today's Blue Moon? Astronomically, it really isn't that special, or rare. A "blue moon" simply refers to a second full moon in a calendar month...and with 13 moon cycles in a calendar year, the odds are that we will experience a blue moon every 2.5 years. The next ones are January… Continue reading Are you ready for the Blue Moon?

Earth Medicine

Beltaine Blessings: A Sacred Dance with Gaia

On May 1st — or a few days later, if we observe "true" Beltaine — we celebrate Beltaine in the northern hemisphere and Samhain in the southern hemisphere. These are my favourite celebrations in the Celtic calendar, a time to tune in to the rhythms of Nature and celebrate the seasons, the elements, and the sacred dance… Continue reading Beltaine Blessings: A Sacred Dance with Gaia

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Celtic Wisdom: Journey to Fairie

My journey into the intuitive world has taken many diverse paths in the last few years, as I learned new skills and explored new areas of spiritual growth. I have been increasingly drawn to shamanic practices and healing.... and now to another branch of shamanism: Celtic Shamanism. Recently I have been exploring my Celtic roots.… Continue reading Celtic Wisdom: Journey to Fairie