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How to make a fresh loose incense for Samhain

I love making fresh loose incense... So fresh and aromatic, and easy to make, and you can guarantee the purity of the elements! This is one of my favourite formulations, especially at Samhain: a mixture of frankincense and myrrh resins plus the fresh woody aromatic scents of cedar, rosemary and juniper. And if you prefer… Continue reading How to make a fresh loose incense for Samhain

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Crystals for a New Moon in Leo ritual

I'm looking forward to attending the first Annual Vancouver Gem and Mineral Show today. Somehow it seems a perfect activity for the new moon... surrounding myself with Earth's bounty of gemstones, minerals and crystals! Lots of energy!!!! Maybe I'll find some lovely new stones to work with (some of you may know that I am an… Continue reading Crystals for a New Moon in Leo ritual

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Birthing the Rose Moon

Today's new moon marks the start of the moon cycle, the "birthing" of its journey around the Earth.... precisely at 1:24 AM Universal Time (UTC), which is 6:24 PM here in Vancouver Canada, on July 16th. Do you have a new moon ritual that you observe? If not, think of this as an opportunity to… Continue reading Birthing the Rose Moon