Earth Medicine

The beauty of transformation

I took a walk this morning, curious to see what the Trees had released in last night's wind and rain storm here in Vancouver. Whenever possible, I collect from windfall rather than collecting directly from the trees... even though I do ask ūüĆ≥their permission‚̧ It was breezy and so invigorating, walking through the fallen leaves… Continue reading The beauty of transformation

Earth Medicine

Beauty in change

I took a walk this morning, in the lovely gentle rain... watching the colourful leaves flutter to the ground. Each tree is changing, going through its life cycle of growth and change... into its time of rest and renewal... preparing for regrowth and new energy in the Spring. As each tree experiences its transformation, it… Continue reading Beauty in change


Life Hack: the first step is awareness

   Awareness is definitely the key to transformation. Instead of worrying WHERE you are going and creating a detailed plan to get you from A to Z, start by celebrating that you have decided to move away from where you are now. Yes! And, accept that not knowing where the path may lead is a… Continue reading Life Hack: the first step is awareness

Soul Work

Question your thoughts…. Change your world

Our thoughts are so powerful... We can create reality and truths from beliefs, and - sadly - not even recognize the difference. But... beliefs are not necessarily truths. If you find yourself accepting something as truth that does NOT empower you, that keeps you from moving forward, question that thought. Ask it from what it… Continue reading Question your thoughts…. Change your world