Moonday Musings

MoonDay Musings: Creativity

What does creativity mean in your life? How does it manifest? Often, when I am working with clients — or talking with friends — I hear folks denigrate their own creative abilities.... denying that they have them... feeling hemmed in by traditional definitions of creativity.... afraid to consider that they might be creative at all.… Continue reading MoonDay Musings: Creativity

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Balancing with the Full Pink Moon in Libra

Wisdom from Seanmháthair Gealach (Grandmother Moon) Full Moon in Libra, known by some as The Pink Moon (first Full Moon of springtime) April 10th at 11:08 PM Pacific Time  / April 11th at 06:08 UTC 🌝🌕 Ah, the Pink Moon... named as such by First Nations people in some parts of North America because of… Continue reading Balancing with the Full Pink Moon in Libra

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Find your coeur-age with the New Moon in Leo

Another month, another new journey with Grandmother Moon! The New Moon in Leo arrived today, Tuesday, August 2nd at 20:44 UTC (1:44 PM Pacific Time here in Vancouver). Leo is a sign of courage and the heart (“coeur"-age), which is my personal theme for the month. Hopefully you will find something that resonates on your… Continue reading Find your coeur-age with the New Moon in Leo

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Imbolc blessings from Brigid

Yesterday we celebrated the first day of the Celtic Spring, honouring both Imbolc and the goddess Brigid. I share with you now Brigid's Fire Blessing, which you can use in any of your ritual work this week: May there be Fire in your Belly May there be Passion in your Heart May you burn with… Continue reading Imbolc blessings from Brigid

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How to use the Fire element in your new moon ritual

  For last month's new moon – which was also a blue moon – I wrote about creating your own ritual for each new moon (also known as a Dark Moon). How did that work for you? What elements did you add that made it unique, your own special ceremony? What new things did you start?… Continue reading How to use the Fire element in your new moon ritual

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Birthing the Rose Moon

Today's new moon marks the start of the moon cycle, the "birthing" of its journey around the Earth.... precisely at 1:24 AM Universal Time (UTC), which is 6:24 PM here in Vancouver Canada, on July 16th. Do you have a new moon ritual that you observe? If not, think of this as an opportunity to… Continue reading Birthing the Rose Moon

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The Law of Attraction: ask, believe, receive 

  A friend of mine (thank you, Hannah Dixon) just posted her affirmations/law of attraction goals for the year on her Facebook page.... What a wonderful idea! It inspired me to do the same. When we transform our thoughts, wishes, desires and goals into words, we put energy and vibration against them and let the… Continue reading The Law of Attraction: ask, believe, receive