Divine Feminine

Embracing the Waning Years of your Journey

And know this: even though one may be in the waning years, the journey still has far to go. And if you are in the waxing years, know that there is still much to learn and experience, and that spending time with the Mothers and Crones can illuminate your journey in ways you might not have imagined.

Divine Feminine

Embracing our Crone Wisdom

Last night I joined in a teleseminar led by Jean Shinoda Bolen, on the Goddess(es) in every woman after 50…. fascinating! During the event, she talked about the “C” word… yep, Crone! A word many of us are reclaiming, just as many of us are also reclaiming the word witch, both with wise and sacred traditions… Continue reading Embracing our Crone Wisdom

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Opening your Rustic Gate of Wisdom

Yesterday I wrote about the New Moon in Cancer, and how in this month's journey we connect to our creativity, nurturing and mothering/birthing (self, others, etc). And then this morning, I came across a book I had read last year but which somehow found its way onto my desk. I have no idea how that happened ....… Continue reading Opening your Rustic Gate of Wisdom