Lunar Cycles

New Moon in Libra: Right Relationship

New Moon Blessings! The Super New Moon on October 16th arrives at 19:31 UTC in the sign of Libra, a Cardinal sign signifying initiation, and is aligned with the element Air, such a cerebral sign. Air can bring change and inspiration, a gentle refreshing breeze or knock us down with heavy gusts! Air is life, death… Continue reading New Moon in Libra: Right Relationship

Lunar Cycles

Weaving the Threads of Life

Blessings on the New Moon in Libra!This month's lunar theme is inspired by the wisdom of The Crone. As the year tilts towards darkness and winter’s rest (in the Northern Hemisphere) — the time of the Crone and An Cailleach — we are gaining a much deeper understanding of our own life and our connections… Continue reading Weaving the Threads of Life

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12 Days of Solstice: Winter Wisdom

As I was writing the previous post about the Wisdom of the Crone and the Winter goddess An Cailleach, I came across this beautiful poem by Joyce Rudd on what is for me the true essence of Winter Solstice . . . the deep reflection of Winter, our connection to its stillness, the solace and rest… Continue reading 12 Days of Solstice: Winter Wisdom

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12 Days of Solstice: Crone Wisdom

It is said that the final three days of the #12DaysOfSolstice, in Celtic traditions, are dedicated to The Crone aspect of a woman’s life and to The Crone goddesses such as An Cailleach. This is the Winter goddess with whom I connect most strongly. The Crone represents so many aspects of our life, including our… Continue reading 12 Days of Solstice: Crone Wisdom

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See all paths with the wisdom of Hekate

  Hekate / Hecate is a Greek goddess associated with magic, witchcraft, necromancy, the underworld, childbirth and crossroads. Her time is that of the Dark Moon, the time of release and renewal. She is honoured at the 30th (always her special day!) of each month, at the Dark Moon and at the beginning at sunset… Continue reading See all paths with the wisdom of Hekate

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Ancestral Card Layout for Samhain

Blessings on “true” Samhain! Many of us in the Northern Hemisphere celebrated Samhain (SOW-en), the Celtic New Year and one of the most significant dates in the Celtic Wheel of the Year, starting at sunset on October 31st and ending at sunset November 1st. However, Samhain was not always celebrated on that specific day, now… Continue reading Ancestral Card Layout for Samhain

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Embracing the Waning Years of your Journey

And know this: even though one may be in the waning years,
the journey still has far to go.

And if you are in the waxing years, know that there is still much to learn and experience, and that spending time with the Mothers and Crones can illuminate your journey in ways you might not have imagined.

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Embracing our Crone Wisdom

Last night I joined in a teleseminar led by Jean Shinoda Bolen, on the Goddess(es) in every woman after 50…. fascinating! During the event, she talked about the “C” word… yep, Crone! A word many of us are reclaiming, just as many of us are also reclaiming the word witch, both with wise and sacred traditions… Continue reading Embracing our Crone Wisdom

Lunar Cycles

Using your Inner Cauldron at the Balsamic Moon

The New Moon arrives on Friday, September 30 at 5:13 PM Pacific Time (Saturday, October 1 at 00:13 UTC), and Grandmother Moon will begin her monthly journey once again. This will be the second New Moon in the calendar month for many of us (depending on our time zone). This is known as a Black… Continue reading Using your Inner Cauldron at the Balsamic Moon

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Opening your Rustic Gate of Wisdom

Yesterday I wrote about the New Moon in Cancer, and how in this month's journey we connect to our creativity, nurturing and mothering/birthing (self, others, etc). And then this morning, I came across a book I had read last year but which somehow found its way onto my desk. I have no idea how that happened ....… Continue reading Opening your Rustic Gate of Wisdom