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Divination practices for Imbolg

Each festival in the Wheel of the Year has some sort of divination practice associated with it, perhaps because the veils between the realms were always considered to be thinnest at the fire festivals, making it easier to communicate with the realms of ancestors, the living and that of the deities and fairies, aka The… Continue reading Divination practices for Imbolg

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Rest and restore during the Balsamic Moon

Grandmother Moon has almost completed her monthly cycle and today appears to us as the Waning Crescent aka the Balsamic Moon. Balsamic may seem a curious adjective to describe the Moon, as most of us associate that word with a type of vinegar! But the word actually refers to the health-giving properties of balsam: restorative,… Continue reading Rest and restore during the Balsamic Moon

Divination Techniques & Tools, Earth Medicine

How to calibrate your pendulum

One of the most frequent questions I am asked is "How do you know your pendulum is accurate?". Short answer - calibrate it! I have several pendulums with which I work, and I can generally trust the responses I get. However, pendulums can definitely pick up energy from the environment - metal, wood, water, electricity,… Continue reading How to calibrate your pendulum

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Introduction to Scrying

Scrying - sometimes-spelled skrying - is the practice of gazing into a reflective object or surface to see into the past, present or future. The terms comes from the word descry, which simply means to see or perceive. The practice of scrying also serves as an excellent meditation aid with or without the expectation of… Continue reading Introduction to Scrying

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Divining with Hawaiian Shaman Stones

I recently was introduced to Hawaiian Shaman Stones, through the writing of Serge Kahili King, author of Urban Shaman: A Handbook for Personal and Planetary Transformation based on the Hawaiian Way of the Adventurer. My subconscious had recognized this form of divination some time ago and I had started to work with crystals representing the… Continue reading Divining with Hawaiian Shaman Stones

Courses & Workshops

Clair-ity Workshop on October 20th

This workshop builds on the Ignite YOUR Intuition workshop (but is not a prerequisite for this event). Explore your intuitive spark even further and discover new pathways and tools of divination... and maybe you'll discover your own unique method! The workshop will start with a powerful spirit guide journey / meditation, by a certified Spirit… Continue reading Clair-ity Workshop on October 20th

Divination Techniques & Tools

Divination Techniques: Scrying

Scrying is an ancient practice but one that I have only recently added to my own divination tool kit. It is a technique that requires patience but is an excellent way to develop and enhance your intuitive abilities. Scrying can be used for visioning but it is also a tool for divining past, present or… Continue reading Divination Techniques: Scrying