Wheel of the Year

Twelve Days of Solstice: Mistletoe

The origins of Mistletoe as a Christmas decoration go far back into our Pagan origins. Druids considered the Mistletoe – a parasitic plant that grows on willow and apple, and other species – to be a sacred plant and a very powerful healing and magic plant, good for the heart. Roman author Pliny wrote in… Continue reading Twelve Days of Solstice: Mistletoe


Fire in the Belly: Celtic Inner Cauldrons

Much of what we know of early Celtic culture, history and spirituality is reconstructed. In what was primarily an oral tradition, little was inked onto paper or etched into stone that has endured to our time. So, what we know about that culture comes primarily from songs and poetry handed down over centuries in the… Continue reading Fire in the Belly: Celtic Inner Cauldrons