Earth Medicine, Spirituality

My wildness, my sanctuary

Today, our #EarthPrayer group is contemplating wildness. Wildness comes in many forms... the wildness of Nature and the wildness in our hearts and souls... I've always felt I was a wild woman at heart... trekking the world, experiencing its beauty and wisdom, connecting with the Standing People and our animal allies... walking in the mountains… Continue reading My wildness, my sanctuary

Divine Feminine, Earth Medicine

Goddess Body, World Body

I love when people come together to joyfully participate in communal meditation and activity. I am currently participating in a two-week EarthPrayer meditation group, where each day we examine a different aspect of our relationship with our blessed Mother Earth. One of the aspects we are looking at is Goddess Body, World Body. My thoughts… Continue reading Goddess Body, World Body

Earth Medicine, Spirituality

Connecting with Sacred Land

This week, I began a 14-day group EarthPrayer appreciation... each day meditating and connecting in different ways with Gaia, our sacred Mother Earth. One of the themes this week was Sacred Land, and I would love to hear from YOU and your thoughts on sacredness🌞 What — or where — is your Sacred Land? Is… Continue reading Connecting with Sacred Land