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A Full Moon celebration for goddess Diana

The August Full Moon in Aquarius arrives on August 15th at 12:29 UTC, on a day that many also celebrate the Roman goddess/priestess Diana, or her Greek counterpart Artemis. Consider working with goddess-priestess Diana on this Full Moon; she is a strong ally to women, fertility and childbirth. I first made a personal connection with… Continue reading A Full Moon celebration for goddess Diana

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An Aphrodite Love Charm (and tea) for Valentine’s Day

  Sometimes I look at the herbal formulations I have used or created in the past, and note how so many of them are multipurpose. Without a specific header or description, the formulation could be for a herbal tea, a spell, for using in a charm or even as a loose incense. For me, that… Continue reading An Aphrodite Love Charm (and tea) for Valentine’s Day

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Full Moon in Gemini

This is most certainly an energetic day. Not only are my friends and colleagues in the US (and around the world) celebrating their Thanksgiving holiday, but the Sun has moved into Sagittarius and Grandmother Moon is now half-way through her lunar journey, and is fully illuminated, manifesting as a Full Moon in Gemini. Sun enters… Continue reading Full Moon in Gemini

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Hekate’s Night: 16-November

Introducing Hekate Hekate (aka Hecate) is a Greek goddess associated with magic, witchcraft, necromancy, the underworld, and  childbirth. She is the goddess of the three paths, goddess of the crossroads (both physical and spiritual). She is considered by many as the protectress of the oppressed, the marginalized  and witches.  Hekate's time is that of the Dark Moon,… Continue reading Hekate’s Night: 16-November

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Forgiveness and Release at Samhain

  Samhain Goddess, image by Angie Latham  Samhain is coming . . . ! Samhain is for me the most powerful point in the Wheel of the Year. It marks the beginning of a new turn of the Wheel, and the beginning of the Dark Half of the Year. It is a time when the… Continue reading Forgiveness and Release at Samhain

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August Full Moon: Celebrating Diana, goddess of The Hunt & Moon

Some of the earliest gods and goddesses from ancient cultures are associated with heavenly bodies — the Sun, the Moon and the stars— and with the Earth itself, each attributed with a specific energy (feminine or masculine) and with specific functions, not unlike today’s Christian saints and their “patronage” (e.g. Saint Cecilia, patroness of musicians;… Continue reading August Full Moon: Celebrating Diana, goddess of The Hunt & Moon

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Card Layout: Diana’s Bow

I first heard of this spread — so fitting for us at the August Full Moon when we celebrate the goddess Diana — several years ago. It is known by several names including the Seven-Card Ellipse, Diana’s Crescent and Seven Stars. I like the simplicity of the Diana’s Bow seven-card spread and have used it… Continue reading Card Layout: Diana’s Bow