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Introducing Moon Seeds

Just in time for the New Moon in Pisces on February 23rd, I'm launching Moon Seeds, a special new monthly newsletter exploring the magic of Grandmother Moon, with lunar themes, New and Full Moon dates, zodiac sign info, lunar events & energetics —and a little bit of magick! Plant your seeds of intention at the… Continue reading Introducing Moon Seeds

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Waning Moon: Listen to the whispers of the Grandmothers

In this time of the Waning Moon, I feel so close to the Grandmothers, the Ancestors. In the Waning Moon, Yin energy increases and deepens, turning inward towards our Wise Inner Self, making it even easier to hear the Wisdom Whispers of the Grandmothers. At this point in our lunar journey, we are in the… Continue reading Waning Moon: Listen to the whispers of the Grandmothers

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Solstitial Full Moon in Cancer

WISDOM FROM GRANDMOTHER MOON Such a powerful solstitial Full Moon tonight, a rare conjunction of the December solstice paired with a Full Moon. According to the Old Farmer’s Almanac, this has happened just ten times at the December Solstice since 1793 and will not happen again until 2094. Not sure I’ll be around then so… Continue reading Solstitial Full Moon in Cancer

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Blessings on the Full Moon Super Moon in Gemini

Wisdom from Seanmháthair Gealach (Grandmother Moon) Full Moon Super Moon in Gemini Sunday December 3 @ 7:47 am PT / 15:47 UTC Gemini energy: Air (the mind, thoughts and dreams), Mutable (preparing us for what is coming next) Theme for this lunar month: Deep Wisdom Ah. . .  our last Full Moon of the calendar… Continue reading Blessings on the Full Moon Super Moon in Gemini

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The magic of one’s own Sacred Space

I treasure the time I spend at my personal altar. It anchors my day, bringing a moment of stillness, timelessness, magic, clarity. There, I disengage from the sounds and distraction of the busy world outside and step into my own sacred space. I breathe differently when I’m there... slower, more deeply. I move differently... more… Continue reading The magic of one’s own Sacred Space

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I have become a comet

I love the feeling of the Balsamic Moon ... deep, intuitive, soothing, calming, restorative, curative. Part of me just wants to snuggle into a big comfy couch with my blankie, a cup of tea and a good book. My soul work for this lunar journey is (mostly) done ... and there is still time for… Continue reading I have become a comet

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Taking Action in the First Quarter Capricorn Moon

All the indicators say this is a week of action. Ah, but what action will you take? How will these energies manifest for you? As you journey with La Luna through the Wheel of the “Moonth”, be aware of other natural cycles, entraining your energies and awareness not just with Grandmother Moon but also with… Continue reading Taking Action in the First Quarter Capricorn Moon