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Equinox Apple Ritual & Blessing

Blessed be at this time of Equinox, when Mama Earth is balanced for night and day, dark and light. Whatever you celebrate at this time of year, the astronomical birth of Autumn or the astronomical birth of Spring, take some time to reflect on your own rebirth and renewal. What new pages can you turn… Continue reading Equinox Apple Ritual & Blessing

Wheel of the Year

Autumn Incense

I have started to gather and dry some ingredients for my planned Fall Equinox loose incense blend, for using in my celebrations and rituals throughout Autumn. I'm using ethically foraged ingredients and, so far have, oak leaves and moss, pine needles, wild hops, a few pine cones (under the leaves!), Rowan berries, Rosemary and Sage.… Continue reading Autumn Incense

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An Aphrodite Love Charm (and tea) for Valentine’s Day

  Sometimes I look at the herbal formulations I have used or created in the past, and note how so many of them are multipurpose. Without a specific header or description, the formulation could be for a herbal tea, a spell, for using in a charm or even as a loose incense. For me, that… Continue reading An Aphrodite Love Charm (and tea) for Valentine’s Day

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The magick of the Linden tree

I am working diligently on my tree identification skills and this is where the phenology wheels (as discussed in our free Wisdom From Grandmother Moon course) are so useful: I can often identify trees at specific times (such as when they are blossoming or bearing their fruits or berries) but not in winter, etc. I’m hoping… Continue reading The magick of the Linden tree

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Celebrating the Elder Tree

Each month, new header images are selected for this blog to reflect the activity and changes of Mama Earth around us. Today I honour the Elder tree (Sambucus nigra), which blossoms in many locations from late June into late July. Elder is a powerful tree, considered magical and holy by many cultures, as a source… Continue reading Celebrating the Elder Tree

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Inspiration from Mugwort

Today I felt the Soulflower Plant Spirit Art “Soulflower Plant Spirit Oracle Deck” calling to me.... and wondered what Medicine it would bring me today. The card I pulled was Mugwort: Integration. Card message: “There is a rhythm and balance to all life —a dance between physical reality and the spiritual world. Mugwort opens and… Continue reading Inspiration from Mugwort

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(Wild)Craft a loose incense for Lughnasadh

For your Lughnasadh (aka Lammas) rituals, consider crafting your own loose incense for burning in your altar cauldron or in an outdoor bonfire. Scott Cunningham suggested this classic recipe in his 1986 book The Complete Book of Incense, Oils and Brews: 2 parts* Frankincense resin (see note on PARTS below) 1 part Heather 1 part… Continue reading (Wild)Craft a loose incense for Lughnasadh

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A Ritual and a Prayer on World Oceans Day 

On  World Oceans Day, I am reminded of the importance of this Kenyan proverb: "Treat the Earth well. She was not given to you by your parents. She was loaned to you by your children." So, today, on World Oceans Day, I will go to the sea and offer a healing ritual and blessing to… Continue reading A Ritual and a Prayer on World Oceans Day 

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Honey Infusions with Herbs and Florals

Growing up in a big city, I can't remember having local raw unpasteurized honey at home. I do remember, however, my first taste of honeycomb as a child, at the Agricultural Building at Toronto's summer CNE (Canadian National Exhibition), both surprised and fascinated by the taste and the glorious beauty of the natural honeycomb. In… Continue reading Honey Infusions with Herbs and Florals

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Creating a Relationship with your Plant Allies

A member of our Wise Woman Bean Gealach Circle recently asked about working with Clover as a plant ally, and what that meant.  I responded on a herbal/medicinal level but also suggested I would post separately about what it means to work with our Plant Allies from a shamanic perspective, not just a medicinal one.… Continue reading Creating a Relationship with your Plant Allies