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Celebrate Hekate with feasting and ritual

Tributes to Hekate were found at ancient crossroads, with statues placed so weary travellers could seek her protection. Any crossroad or liminal place (for me, it’s the seashore or the river's edge) is a perfect place to honour Hekate. And there are many ways to do so . . . with a feast, a release… Continue reading Celebrate Hekate with feasting and ritual

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Hekate’s Night: 16-November

Introducing Hekate Hekate (aka Hecate) is a Greek goddess associated with magic, witchcraft, necromancy, the underworld, and  childbirth. She is the goddess of the three paths, goddess of the crossroads (both physical and spiritual). She is considered by many as the protectress of the oppressed, the marginalized  and witches.  Hekate's time is that of the Dark Moon,… Continue reading Hekate’s Night: 16-November