Moonday Musings

Hold space as an Isumataq

Pictured is an Inuit inunnguaq, aka inukshuk It has been said that there is no word for shaman or teacher in the Inuit language (Inuktitut), but the concept of the "Isumataq" combines these in a wonderful way. There are many definitions (and spellings!) of Isumataq: one who listensknowledgeable advisorstoryteller But this is my favourite definition:… Continue reading Hold space as an Isumataq


Divine Imperfection and Repeated “Mistakes”

Last January, I shared my thoughts on Divine Imperfection: the Joy of Making Mistakes, inspired by a Neil Gaiman quote from 2011. The original post resonated with many people, and I received several private messages and emails with thoughts and comments that folks hesitated to post publicly. And that’s okay too! A common thread in these private… Continue reading Divine Imperfection and Repeated “Mistakes”


Only Connect!

Many years ago, I heard a quote from E. M. Forster that so moved me. “Only Connect!” And I have lived by that, as I believe that one of the greatest wonders in our world is our ability to connect with others. The full quote from his novel Howard's End is: Only connect! That was the… Continue reading Only Connect!

Earth Medicine

Use your Inner “Soulstice” to chase the storms

We often hear advice to "stay present", to find our inner stillness, to be "in the now" as a way of finding peace and tranquility, or for reducing anxiety. But being present or still can also help us find our inner strength. Lately, I have been drawn to the concept of inner strength — what it… Continue reading Use your Inner “Soulstice” to chase the storms

Earth Medicine

Hold space and step into YOUR best way of being

Let's practise a little unconditional love today! When I first read the pictured quote from Goethe, I got caught up in the "ought to be" part... My mind started to wonder if this was being judgmental. Who decides what "ought to be" for someone else? Unless we ask someone what they ought to be, then… Continue reading Hold space and step into YOUR best way of being

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Holding Space on the Crow Full Moon

l love Full Moons ... and Full Moons with an eclipse are even more amazing and powerful! The eclipse peaked this morning at 4:47 AM PST just as the first Full Moon of Spring — also called the Crow Moon, Sap Moon or Easter Moon — was reaching her fullness at 5:01 AM PST. The… Continue reading Holding Space on the Crow Full Moon