Divine Feminine

Imbolg and the Bear Goddess

"Artio and Artaois" by Beth Wildwood, cover art for Pagan Portals - Artio and Artaois: A journey Towards the Celtic Bear Gods When I think of Imbolg, I think of its traditional connection with the birthing of the lambs and goats. But they are not they only creatures giving birth in late winter / early… Continue reading Imbolg and the Bear Goddess

Divination Techniques & Tools, Wheel of the Year

Divination practices for Imbolg

Each festival in the Wheel of the Year has some sort of divination practice associated with it, perhaps because the veils between the realms were always considered to be thinnest at the fire festivals, making it easier to communicate with the realms of ancestors, the living and that of the deities and fairies, aka The… Continue reading Divination practices for Imbolg

Wheel of the Year

Creativity: the Brighid – Lugh connection

On February 1st (the traditional date), we celebrate the fire festival of Imbolg (aka Imbolc) in the Northern Hemisphere and Lúnasa (aka Lughnasadh aka Lammas) in the Southern Hemisphere.  Rather than looking at these as different events, let us consider the commonality of these two festivals and how they might complement each other — perhaps… Continue reading Creativity: the Brighid – Lugh connection

Rituals and Ceremonies

New Moon Candle Magic for Brighid

New Moon in Aquarius January 21 @ 20:53 UTC, 12:53 pm PST, 3:53 pm pm EST, January 22 @ 9:53 am NZDT Imbolg Can be celebrated on February 1st, 3rd and/or 5th! Celebrate the New Moon in Aquarius with a candle blessing for the Celtic goddess Brighid or Saint Brigid, a lovely way to honour… Continue reading New Moon Candle Magic for Brighid

Wheel of the Year

Blessings on Lúnasa, Imbolg and Pachamama Raymi

Starting at dusk tonight, July 31st, in the Northern Hemisphere, we celebrate the first of the three harvest festivals: Lúnasa, aka Lughnasadh (pronounced LOO-nah-suh), and Lammas. In the Celtic/Neopagan Wheel of the Year, we celebrate not just one Autumn Festival but three:  the First Harvest (aka First Fruit) of Lúnasa on the traditional date of August 1st, the Second Harvest… Continue reading Blessings on Lúnasa, Imbolg and Pachamama Raymi

Wheel of the Year

Brighid and her birds

The image to the left is "Brigid Swan Maiden" by Wendy Andrew, PaintingDreams.co.uk. The words below accompany the image. Brigid Swan Maiden wakes the sleeping winter world. Her flame sparks new beginnings and inspiration. A time to make plans. Over time, Imbolg and the goddess Brighid have become associated with the Swan (Eala in Irish).  Was that… Continue reading Brighid and her birds

Wheel of the Year

Corn husks and silk: crafting and tea for Lúnasa

Each year at this time, I use the abundant corn husks for crafting items for my Lúnasa altar (corn dolls, etc), and often save and dry the excess husks to have on hand for Imbolg celebrations too. I much prefer this to buying husks at craft stores, as I have no idea if they have… Continue reading Corn husks and silk: crafting and tea for Lúnasa

Wheel of the Year

Blessings on Lúnasa and Imbolg

Blessings to all on the Fire Festivals of Lúnasa and Imbolg! Traditional Lúnasa arrives at sunset tonight in the Northern Hemisphere, as does Imbolg for those in the Southern Hemisphere! In Celtic traditions, the day begins at sunset … so these fire festivals begin this evening and continue through to sunset on August 1st! In… Continue reading Blessings on Lúnasa and Imbolg

Wheel of the Year

Blessings on Lunar Lúnasa and Imbolg

On today’s Full Moon, blessings to you on Lunar Lúnasa and Lunar Imbolg! I am beginning to feel the gentle pull and shift from the peak of Summer's fiery energies experienced at Solstice, towards the watery energies that come with the Autumn Equinox. I can definitely feel the Lúnasa influence and energies. Although many consider… Continue reading Blessings on Lunar Lúnasa and Imbolg

Wheel of the Year

Imbolg & Brighid’s Realms course: register now

Join us for Imbolg season to celebrate the first wave of Spring energy in 2021, and honour the goddess Brighid who we celebrate at Imbolg. Imbolg arrives around 01-February in the Northern Hemisphere, and we will be in that Imbolg energy until Spring Equinox arrives. You may know Brighid as a triple goddess, with aspects… Continue reading Imbolg & Brighid’s Realms course: register now