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Soul Questions for the Balsamic Moon

In our monthly journey with the Moon, we are now in the return journey... coming back home, toward the New Moon and the beginning of a new journey. The next New Moon arrives Thursday, September 1st @ 2:03 AM Pacific Time (9:03 UTC). September brings us two New Moons, depending on your time zone. Here in… Continue reading Soul Questions for the Balsamic Moon

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Is it time to come out of the broom closet?

Is it time to reclaim the word "witch"? Is it time for practitioners of this ancient ancestral practice to "come out of the broom closet"? It's a word — and belief — that has been embraced by some... yet mocked, feared, ridiculed, and worse, by others. But for many practitioners, it simply represents an earth-based… Continue reading Is it time to come out of the broom closet?

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Wisdom from the Womanrunes

Pick a card! Today's cards are the WomanRunes. I love working with these images, originally created by Shekhinah Mountainwater and developed further by Molly Remer of Brigid’s Grove (who also offers a FREE course in reading the runes/cards). HOW TO USE THESE CARDS Think about what wisdom you might need today. Pass your hand over… Continue reading Wisdom from the Womanrunes

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Talking with animals

Talking with the animals... How do you communicate with your animal companion? And how does your companion communicate with you? Most folks with animal companions say that they understand their vocalizations... but animals communicate and interact with the world with all their senses, which are usually sharper than ours, and even with senses we do… Continue reading Talking with animals

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Rest and restore during the Balsamic Moon

Grandmother Moon has almost completed her monthly cycle and today appears to us as the Waning Crescent aka the Balsamic Moon. Balsamic may seem a curious adjective to describe the Moon, as most of us associate that word with a type of vinegar! But the word actually refers to the health-giving properties of balsam: restorative,… Continue reading Rest and restore during the Balsamic Moon

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Harness the Energy of Water on the August Full Moon

In the past week - during the waxing gibbous moon - I was able to tackle a few of the decluttering projects I had recommended (kitchen and bathroom) in an earlier post, and I’m glad I did! Intuition may have been at play: after I made the recommendation, we discovered some issues in our bathroom that will require… Continue reading Harness the Energy of Water on the August Full Moon

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Life Hack: use your intuition to make more authentic decisions

Does intuition play a part in your life? It definitely does in mine. For instance, decision-making becomes difficult at times and I wrestle with what to do... I get into that rut of over-thinking, analysis-paralysis. When that happens, I turn to my Wise Self for help: "What do I need to know or do to… Continue reading Life Hack: use your intuition to make more authentic decisions

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Manifesting help and support 

This week I received a beautiful affirmation of the power of setting intention for help and support. I wasn't in crisis but wanted help for a small project I was working on that was outside my current skill set. I am passionate about making my own tools and sacred objects in support of my shamanic… Continue reading Manifesting help and support 

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INTUITION TIP OF THE DAY: Record your dreams

TIP OF THE DAY: Pay attention to your dreams, to further develop your intuition and create or strengthen your connection to your Guides. In workshops and open circles on intuitive development, I often hear people expressing a concern that perhaps they are not intuitive... that they need some sort of trigger or magic key that will open… Continue reading INTUITION TIP OF THE DAY: Record your dreams

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Trust your intuition: Sonia Choquette’s four decisions

I recently reread Sonia Choquette’s book The Psychic Pathway and wanted to share her four decisions, the intentions you must make in order to develop your psychic abilities, to open your third eye... to take an Inner Journey. The journey begins with a contract you make with your Self, based on these four decisions: I am open to… Continue reading Trust your intuition: Sonia Choquette’s four decisions