Wheel of the Year

The changing traditions of Bealtaine

A new post for Bealtaine is up on the new Inner Journey Events blog —“The changing traditions of Bealtaine” — and I wanted to invite my loyal readers from this WordPress site to read the post in our new blog at innerjourneyevents.com/blog. I may have got a little carried away but I had so much… Continue reading The changing traditions of Bealtaine

Wheel of the Year

Spring Equinox energies

Spring Equinox 2023, March 20 @ 21:24 UTC Who are your allies for the Spring Equinox and this season in the Wheel of the Year that begins today and ends with Bealtainne, traditionally celebrated on May 1st? For me, well it's a team of allies including some of the Maiden goddesses of Spring, the element… Continue reading Spring Equinox energies