Lunar Cycles

Thanksgiving Blessings

Image source CanvaPro These words from Mary Oliver, in her poem “Rice”, speak to me in so many ways. On this day of Thanksgiving here in Canada— its feasts and celebrations rooted in a complex mix of both indigenous and settler traditions, including the bounty of the harvest — Oliver’s words call to us to… Continue reading Thanksgiving Blessings

Lunar Cycles

Full Moon in Aries: the courage of stillness

Full Moon in Aries October 9 @ 20:54 UTC,  5:54 pm EDT,  1:54 pm PDT, and October 10 @ 7:54 am AEST  This Full Moon — the last in the current wheel of the year, which begins again at Samhain — finds us in the fire sign Aries and is a good time to reflect… Continue reading Full Moon in Aries: the courage of stillness

Lunar Cycles

New Moon in Gemini: Breathe, Rejoice

New Moon: May 30 at 1:30 am UTC, 7:30 am EDT, 4:30 am PDT Who wands — or needs! — to play? To frolic? To rejoice? I know I do. My soul is aching for a time of ease and simplicity and connection. It yearns to look up at the sky, stars, and moon, while sitting around… Continue reading New Moon in Gemini: Breathe, Rejoice

Soul Work

Spring Awakening

Image by Mark Frost BlackDog1966 on Pixabay I recently participated in an interesting challenge, one inspired by a line from one of my favourite poems by one of my favourite poets. The poem was “Wild Geese” by Mary Oliver. You can hear Mary Oliver read her poem here or by clicking the image below, and… Continue reading Spring Awakening


MoonDay Musings: Trust your Inner Wisdom

Sometimes I find myself stuck in my head, trying to solve a problem or push through a challenge by relying on my busy “monkey mind“ ... but the true wisdom, for me, comes from within. Sometimes I need a prompt to get me out of that space, and these words of Mary Oliver (from “Evidence”)… Continue reading MoonDay Musings: Trust your Inner Wisdom