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Beltaine (and Samhain!) Blessings

Whatever you celebrate on May 1st — May Day, Walpurgisnacht or Beltaine — blessings for this magickal day. And for those south of the equator, Samhain Blessings !!! May 1st is now considered the traditional date for Beltaine for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere (and Samhain for those in the Southern Hemisphere), but… Continue reading Beltaine (and Samhain!) Blessings

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Beltane and May Day Blessings

Happy May Day and Beltane Blessings! The first day of May (or thereabouts) has been celebrated by many cultures in Europe as the first day of Summer, especially in early pagan cultures — from the Romans and their Festival of Flora on April 27th to my ancestral traditions, Beltane on April 30 / May 1.… Continue reading Beltane and May Day Blessings

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Celebrating Bealtaine… whenever it is!

  I love Bealtiane, which marks the beginning of the light half of the year in the Celtic calendar. It is celebrated with bonfires, revelry, dancing, maypoles .... and rituals and ceremonies celebrating the union of the Goddess and the Green Man. [You may remember the song "The Lusty Month of May" from the musical… Continue reading Celebrating Bealtaine… whenever it is!

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Birth a unique candle for Beltane

Beltane — the start of the Light half of the year in the Celtic is less than a week away for those of us north of the equator. My friends south of the equator will be welcoming  Samhain at the same time — the start of the Dark half of the year. I'm not sure which… Continue reading Birth a unique candle for Beltane