Lunar Cycles, Wheel of the Year

June Energetic Roots

The New Moon in Gemini has just passed and we are now firmly in the waxing rising energy of this Lunar Month, bringing us closer to the Solstice, which arrives June 21st at 15:54 UTC. The Solstice marks the arrival of astronomical Summer in the Northern Hemisphere and astronomical Winter in the Southern Hemisphere.  But… Continue reading June Energetic Roots

Wheel of the Year

The Energy of the Winter Solstice

Away from the Herd, by Eva Kosmos on Deviant Art Winter Solstice aka MidWinter, Jul/Yule and Alban Arthan Here in the Northern Hemisphere, the time between Samhain and Winter Solstice is the darkest time of the year, the midnight of the year, and is the true Winter in the Celtic Wheel of the Year.  The days… Continue reading The Energy of the Winter Solstice