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A Ritual and a Prayer on World Oceans Day 

On  World Oceans Day, I am reminded of the importance of this Kenyan proverb: "Treat the Earth well. She was not given to you by your parents. She was loaned to you by your children." So, today, on World Oceans Day, I will go to the sea and offer a healing ritual and blessing to… Continue reading A Ritual and a Prayer on World Oceans Day 

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I sit before flowers to learn their Wisdom

My greatest teacher is Mama Earth... I learn so much from her. What do you learn from Mama Earth? Or perhaps you have another teacher with whom you connect even more? These words by Canadian poet Shane L. Koyczan express my feelings for Mama Earth much more eloquently than I could. I sit before flowers… Continue reading I sit before flowers to learn their Wisdom

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What I learned from the Trees

Trees teach us so many things — such as how important each of us is in mothering our communities. Yes, Trees can be a Mama 🌳 This beautiful tree is at the end of its life yet continues to contribute to the health of its forest community. Nurse trees and logs support our Eco-systems in… Continue reading What I learned from the Trees

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Celebrate the Divine Feminine on Mothers Day

On Mothers Day, let us celebrate all aspects of the Mother (one aspect of the Maiden-Mother-Crone Triple Goddess) and the Divine Feminine within us all. Mothering is being able to birth and nurture so many things — children, creativity, ideas, our animal allies, our plant allies and more. Not all those who "mother" are born… Continue reading Celebrate the Divine Feminine on Mothers Day

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My favourite Earth Day tree – The Willow

In celebration of Earth Day, I have been participating in a 5 day-5 tree photo challenge, each day focusing on a different aspect of trees (our allies in Nature, the Standing People) such as Spring, Lonely, Magic, Ancient and Favourite. Today is Day 5 of the #EarthDaySpiritTrees challenge - #favourite tree, - and I chose… Continue reading My favourite Earth Day tree – The Willow

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Gandhi was right about the Earth… it satisfies needs not greed

Mahatma Gandhi said, “Earth provides enough to satisfy every man's needs, but not every man's greed.” I believe this to be true. Today is Earth Day - April 22nd - and I am continuing in my commitment to support and honour this planet with sustainable renewable use of its resources. As we used to say… Continue reading Gandhi was right about the Earth… it satisfies needs not greed

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EarthDay Tree Photo Challenge: 5 days, 5 trees

J Join me in this celebration of Trees starting Monday, April 18th. The theme for EarthDay 2016 in Canada is #Rooting4Trees and I'm inviting you to join me in a 5-day challenge to post pictures of 🌳trees🌳 throughout the week, leading up to 🌎EarthDay on Friday April 22nd. Let us honour these sacred and beautiful… Continue reading EarthDay Tree Photo Challenge: 5 days, 5 trees

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My wildness, my sanctuary

Today, our #EarthPrayer group is contemplating wildness. Wildness comes in many forms... the wildness of Nature and the wildness in our hearts and souls... I've always felt I was a wild woman at heart... trekking the world, experiencing its beauty and wisdom, connecting with the Standing People and our animal allies... walking in the mountains… Continue reading My wildness, my sanctuary

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Beauty in change

I took a walk this morning, in the lovely gentle rain... watching the colourful leaves flutter to the ground. Each tree is changing, going through its life cycle of growth and change... into its time of rest and renewal... preparing for regrowth and new energy in the Spring. As each tree experiences its transformation, it… Continue reading Beauty in change

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The sanctuary of trees…

   Where do you find your sanctuary? Your sacred place? As in this Hermann Hesse quote, I find sanctuary in Nature... meditating in or walking through a forest grove, sitting at the ocean's edge contemplating the sky and the water, strolling through a meadow.  This morning, I found it sitting on our balcony listening to… Continue reading The sanctuary of trees…