Lunar Cycles

Weaving the Threads of Life

Blessings on the New Moon in Libra!This month's lunar theme is inspired by the wisdom of The Crone. As the year tilts towards darkness and winter’s rest (in the Northern Hemisphere) — the time of the Crone and An Cailleach — we are gaining a much deeper understanding of our own life and our connections… Continue reading Weaving the Threads of Life

Lunar Cycles

Candle Magick for the New Moon

If you've ever made a wish while blowing out a birthday candle, you've done candle magick! This is the most simple type of spell-casting and is a great way to create intention and support you in manifesting your goals. I especially love combining this with my New Moon soul work (which, for me, is usually… Continue reading Candle Magick for the New Moon

Lunar Cycles, Soul Work

Exploring Relationship in the New Moon in Libra

Living in the Wisdom of Right Relationship  The New Moon of October 19th arrives in the sign of Libra, a Cardinal sign signifying initiation and aligned with the cerebral element Air, which can bring change and inspiration or knock us down with heavy gusts! We enter and depart from the world with Air, from our first… Continue reading Exploring Relationship in the New Moon in Libra