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Soul-stice Season and Winter’s Cloak

This year —  more than any recent year — I so need this soul-stice time of reflection and renewal, my “cauldron time”. Much is still churning within me. I am restless, questioning my beliefs and practices, finding new paths.   I often find inspiration in poetry and found one, “Winter’s Cloak” (co-written by Joyce Rupp… Continue reading Soul-stice Season and Winter’s Cloak

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Blessings for 2016

  Happy New Year to all, and Blessings for 2016! This will be a wonderful year of transition, change and manifestation. Take time to be grateful for the light and support you receive. Remember to hold the light for others on their journey. To quote Albert Schweitzer, “In everyone's life, at some time, our inner fire… Continue reading Blessings for 2016

Wheel of the Year

Happy New Year – and dreams for 2016!

The new calendar year has already arrived in many parts of the world... I can almost hear the champagne corks popping! I will be quietly celebrating the new calendar year, and will definitely be going out to enjoy the night sky in the Connection Ritual I published earlier today on this page. How will you… Continue reading Happy New Year – and dreams for 2016!