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Sustainability starts with awareness

We are all stewards of this planet, and the choices we make each day have an impact on its sustainability... or not. This quote by Franklin Roosevelt was a powerful call-to-action during the 1930s, when vast areas of the US and Canadian prairies turned into dust bowls, exacerbated by farming practices based on an insufficient… Continue reading Sustainability starts with awareness

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Connect to Earth Magick through ancestral skills

Yes, as this quote advises us... It is definitely time to reconnect to the Magick of the Earth! And it is the perfect time to connect - or reconnect - with the crafts and skills of our Ancestors. So many household skills and crafts that were practised by previous generations - even those practised recently… Continue reading Connect to Earth Magick through ancestral skills

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Summer all year: extend the life of your herbs

At this time of year, I used to envy my friends with gardens. Being an apartment dweller - with a very shady balcony - I haven't successfully grown a lot of herbs. But I love using fresh herbs in cooking, so was always grateful for friends with an over-abundance of herbs, which I gratefully swapped… Continue reading Summer all year: extend the life of your herbs