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Divine Imperfection and Repeated “Mistakes”

Last January, I shared my thoughts on Divine Imperfection: the Joy of Making Mistakes, inspired by a Neil Gaiman quote from 2011. The original post resonated with many people, and I received several private messages and emails with thoughts and comments that folks hesitated to post publicly. And that’s okay too! A common thread in these private… Continue reading Divine Imperfection and Repeated “Mistakes”

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Reconnecting to the Inner Fire of our Authentic Self

The Full Moon in Capricorn is a few days away on Saturday, July 8th at 9:06 PM Pacific Time. This Waxing part of LaLuna's journey has been so powerful and intense for me... and I sense that the Waning Phase will be equally as powerful. My theme for this month's lunar journey is Authentic Self… Continue reading Reconnecting to the Inner Fire of our Authentic Self

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Beltaine… a ritual, a man, a dog, a miracle

Yesterday I went to a nearby river for my Beltaine celebration and ritual. It was a profound experience on many levels but even more so because of an extraordinary moment with a man and his dog. The experience started before I left home, as I prepared my offerings for the ritual. Then, several times, I… Continue reading Beltaine… a ritual, a man, a dog, a miracle

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Free your Mind

The focus of many of my clients this fall is creating and maintaining balance and boundaries. There are many modalities I can bring to a session including coaching, shamanic work, energy work and more. But the tool that often brings the most profound results is Psych-K™, an interactive process of change and healing with a… Continue reading Free your Mind