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Celebrate Hekate with feasting and ritual

Tributes to Hekate were found at ancient crossroads, with statues placed so weary travellers could seek her protection. Any crossroad or liminal place (for me, it’s the seashore or the river's edge) is a perfect place to honour Hekate. And there are many ways to do so . . . with a feast, a release… Continue reading Celebrate Hekate with feasting and ritual

Rituals and Ceremonies, Wheel of the Year

Honouring the Ancestors at Samhain

At sunset on October 31st, many of us in the Northern Hemisphere celebrate Samhain (SOW-en), the Celtic New Year and one of the most significant dates in the Celtic Wheel of the Year. For the Celts, the day began at sunset so the celebration continued through to sunset on November 1st. However, Samhain was not… Continue reading Honouring the Ancestors at Samhain

Lunar Cycles, Rituals and Ceremonies

A Sweet Release Ritual for the Third Quarter Moon

Wisdom from Seanmháthair Gealach (Grandmother Moon), Part Two Third Quarter Moon in Aries arrives on Day 22 at: 16-July @ 12:25 PM Pacific Time  / 16-July @ 20:25 UTC Once you have read Part One of the Third Quarter Moon Wisdom, Third Quarter Moon: Your Dark Mother allies, you may want to try this gentle release… Continue reading A Sweet Release Ritual for the Third Quarter Moon