Earth Medicine

Creating Right Relationship with the Sea

Cardigan Bay, PEI, Canada, at sunset. Today, on World Oceans Day, June 8th each year, I thank the Sea for teaching me and for the right relationship we are co-creating. The sea has been my teacher for so long that I can’t remember our earliest connection but I do know she has always urged me… Continue reading Creating Right Relationship with the Sea

Wheel of the Year

My emerging Spring

I have been losing myself in poetry recently, going back to some of my favourite poems from earlier times, sinking into the words and seeing them through my increasingly older eyes. Last night, I read “The force that through the green fuse drives the flower” by Dylan Thomas, published in “18 Poems” in 1934, shared… Continue reading My emerging Spring

Soul Work

Build a relationship with Land

In my private Facebook group, the Wise Woman Bean Gealach Circle, I recently started a series of Prompts to support one's Soul Work. Some use them as a prompt for free-writing, whilst others use them as tarot or oracle card layout. Some also use them as prompts for meditation or journeying. Each prompt has an… Continue reading Build a relationship with Land

Moonday Musings

MoonDay Musings: intricate companionships

Wendell Berry — in “The Unsettling of America: Culture and Agriculture” — shared his thoughts on a holistic approach to healing (yes!). For me, his words also remind us that we are not separate from our fellow creatures and plants, nor are we superior. When we recognize we are equals, partners, companions, we can be… Continue reading MoonDay Musings: intricate companionships

Earth Medicine

MoonDay Musings: wisdom from a plant ally

Today I learned (yet another) lesson from one of my plant allies, the Rose of Sharon plant now blooming on our balcony. Let me tell you a story . . . I was disappointed when, early last year, we were asked to remove all window boxes from our balcony due to pending construction and balcony… Continue reading MoonDay Musings: wisdom from a plant ally

Earth Medicine

Scent, a portal to plant communication

“They say that the scent of a flower is its spirit.”from The White Witch by Elizabeth Goudge It was believed that the scents of flowers were messages from angels and saints, from Holy Spirit. I agree that some scents can certainly be heavenly, but others give a distinct message: stay away! I prefer to think… Continue reading Scent, a portal to plant communication

Lunar Cycles

Soul Work for the Libra Full Moon

Consider how you can bring this month’s theme of Awakening & Blossoming (or the theme you chose) into your Full Moon ritual and practices, such as: Take time to center, to ground with Mama Earth. Libra is already reminding you of the importance of balance. This will help you ready your Self for manifesting your goals… Continue reading Soul Work for the Libra Full Moon

Lunar Cycles

New Moon in Libra: Right Relationship

New Moon Blessings! The Super New Moon on October 16th arrives at 19:31 UTC in the sign of Libra, a Cardinal sign signifying initiation, and is aligned with the element Air, such a cerebral sign. Air can bring change and inspiration, a gentle refreshing breeze or knock us down with heavy gusts! Air is life, death… Continue reading New Moon in Libra: Right Relationship


MoonDay Musings: Knock at your heart’s door

This week, we start a new lunar month and a new lesson in our new free women/ womxn only course 13 Moons, 13 Goddesses, and our new lunar theme of Transforming Relationship. And one of the relationships we most often neglect is that with our Self . . . perhaps our most precious relationship. I invite… Continue reading MoonDay Musings: Knock at your heart’s door

Earth Medicine, Wheel of the Year

Creating Relationship with Mama Earth

My relationship with Mama Earth is the foundation of my spiritual practice and is ever-changing as I align with her seasonal energies, and as we support each other in different ways throughout the seasons. Spend some time outside with Mama Earth. Visit a favourite spot for relaxing or meditation, or a specific section of your… Continue reading Creating Relationship with Mama Earth