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Keep your Inner Candle lit

Throughout the world — and across many religions — a candle is a symbol of hope, love, faith and prayer. It represents the flame of our spirituality, the spark that connects us to Spirit, to the Divine, and to our intuition. We tend that fire with our spiritual practices, so that we can also keep… Continue reading Keep your Inner Candle lit

Earth Medicine, Rituals and Ceremonies

Pampering your inner Mermaid Or Merman

   Have you got your Inner Mermaid or Merman on yet? In yesterday's post, I suggested connecting to the water element to help balance emotions and to pamper yourself spa-style with an aromatic sea salt bath. And of course, I've already had several requests for a DIY formulation for essential oils. I love this formulation… Continue reading Pampering your inner Mermaid Or Merman


Is your Sacral Chakra out of balance?

The Second Chakra is also known as the Sacral Chakra, Navel Chakra or by its Sanskrit name Svadisthana, which means "dwelling place of the Self".... Such a powerful description! The Sacral Chakra is the seat of your emotions and creative powers, both reproductive and artistic. This chakra allows you to FEEL and know that it's… Continue reading Is your Sacral Chakra out of balance?