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Finding your sanctuary

Where do you find your sanctuary? Your sacred place? Like this Hermann Hesse quote, I find sanctuary with the trees and with Nature... meditating in or walking through a forest, sitting at the ocean's edge contemplating the sky and the water, strolling through a meadow, sitting on a riverbank. Click image to follow us on… Continue reading Finding your sanctuary

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Lunar theme for August: Everyday Sacred

The New Moon in Leo ♌︎ arrives on August 1st at 03:12 UTC, which for me here in Vancouver Canada is July 31st at 8:12 PM. For those of us in North America (and elsewhere), this is a Black Moon, i.e. the second New Moon in a single calendar month (i.e. July). For the rest… Continue reading Lunar theme for August: Everyday Sacred

Wheel of the Year

The Heart(h) of your home

  I work with my allies daily, sometimes in simple ways — such as connecting with Mama Earth in a walk in Nature at a local greenway or park — and at other times in more complex ways: sitting at my altar, journeying with my ancestors and other allies, performing rituals. One of the thoughts… Continue reading The Heart(h) of your home

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We need to remember the songs…

For me, Earth Medicine is about our spiritual relationship with Nature... such as how we synchronize our energy with her, the healing herbs that Mama Earth provides us, protecting and promoting the sustainability of all life and the health of the planet. It's a huge part of my work, and how I interact with the… Continue reading We need to remember the songs…

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The magic of one’s own Sacred Space

I treasure the time I spend at my personal altar. It anchors my day, bringing a moment of stillness, timelessness, magic, clarity. There, I disengage from the sounds and distraction of the busy world outside and step into my own sacred space. I breathe differently when I’m there... slower, more deeply. I move differently... more… Continue reading The magic of one’s own Sacred Space

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Explore the Women’s Wisdom Wheel Spread with us on November 29th

Join Jackie Ladouceur and Della Ratcliffe on the Tuesday, November 29th at 10 AM Pacific Time (yes, it's the New Moon!) for an on-line exploration of the Women's Wisdom Wheel, a new spread using your favourite oracle or tarot cards. Each month, Grandmother Moon starts a new journey, giving us an opportunity for new beginnings… Continue reading Explore the Women’s Wisdom Wheel Spread with us on November 29th

Earth Medicine

Finding your tribe

Tribe. Home. Community. Family. Whatever you call it, it's essential for your spirit, soul and well-being to find a place of acceptance, love and nurturing, a place where you can express yourself freely .... even when (or especially when!) opinions differ... Where you can be you. In the words of Starhawk, "We are all longing… Continue reading Finding your tribe

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Dreaming with the Stars

What do you see when you look up at the night sky? What do you dream about when you see the stars, the moon, a comet or a shooting star? When I was a child, I dreamt of being an astronaut or an astronomer...or both. I loved the night sky... identifying the planets and constellations,… Continue reading Dreaming with the Stars

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A Lughnasadh ritual for Abundance and Rebirth

I love this quote from Henry David Thoreau, which - for me at least - perfectly captures my thoughts about Lughnasadh and other harvest festivals... that true abundance is intangible and that we are a speck in the immense cosmos around us, a piece of stardust in the human form. “The true harvest of my life… Continue reading A Lughnasadh ritual for Abundance and Rebirth

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Infuse your Full Moon release with Capricorn’s grounding energy

Do you have your Full Moon Ritual planned for tonight? You can also do your ritual at any time during the three-day phase of the Full Moon, so plenty of time to plan! This month I'll be using a Water Release in my ritual (first published in this blog in October 2015) but I am… Continue reading Infuse your Full Moon release with Capricorn’s grounding energy