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Spring Equinox energies

Spring Equinox 2023, March 20 @ 21:24 UTC Who are your allies for the Spring Equinox and this season in the Wheel of the Year that begins today and ends with Bealtainne, traditionally celebrated on May 1st? For me, well it's a team of allies including some of the Maiden goddesses of Spring, the element… Continue reading Spring Equinox energies

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Spring Equinox: Rebirth and Balance

Are you ready for the Spring Equinox? For those in the Southern Hemisphere, it arrives on 22-September @  6:03 PDT · 23-September @ 1:03 UTC Many cultures and religions celebrate the cycle of death, renewal, and rebirth at the Spring Equinox, which those in the Southern Hemisphere celebrate in September. The Wheel of the Year… Continue reading Spring Equinox: Rebirth and Balance

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Balancing with the Full Pink Moon in Libra

Wisdom from Seanmháthair Gealach (Grandmother Moon) Full Moon in Libra, known by some as The Pink Moon (first Full Moon of springtime) April 10th at 11:08 PM Pacific Time  / April 11th at 06:08 UTC 🌝🌕 Ah, the Pink Moon... named as such by First Nations people in some parts of North America because of… Continue reading Balancing with the Full Pink Moon in Libra

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Honouring the Full Egg Moon

Full moon tonight! In Vancouver, we move into the Full Moon energy tonight at 10:25 PM (April 22nd 5:25 AM UTC) . This Full Moon is in Scorpio, a Water Sign.... very emotional and deep. Think of the ocean. We see the surface, yet that is only a tiny fraction of the ocean's body. So… Continue reading Honouring the Full Egg Moon

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Holding Space on the Crow Full Moon

l love Full Moons ... and Full Moons with an eclipse are even more amazing and powerful! The eclipse peaked this morning at 4:47 AM PST just as the first Full Moon of Spring — also called the Crow Moon, Sap Moon or Easter Moon — was reaching her fullness at 5:01 AM PST. The… Continue reading Holding Space on the Crow Full Moon

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Renew your inspiration with a Spring Vision Board

We're almost two months into the new calendar year. Many of us created resolutions for January 1st... and some of us actually followed through with them! How about you? What was on your list of resolutions and what are you still actively pursuing? If your commitment has dropped off a little, don't despair. Just like… Continue reading Renew your inspiration with a Spring Vision Board

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Imbolc Blessings

Today we celebrate Imbolc and the Celtic goddess Brigid, goddess of fertility, creativity, the forge (blacksmiths and smithing), light, and livestock. Imbolc is the first of the Celtic 🌿spring festivals and one of the four 🔥fire festivals in the Celtic Wheel of the Year. In the Christian calendar, this day is observed as 🕯Candlemas. Imbolc… Continue reading Imbolc Blessings

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Happy New Year to the Trees!

I love how so many cultures celebrate the Spring and New Year in their religious and spiritual holidays. Our Western calendars mark March 21st – the Spring Equinox - as the start of Spring in the northern hemisphere (and Autumn below the Equator). But our pagan and earth-conscious ancestors recognized different stages of spring and, in… Continue reading Happy New Year to the Trees!