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Imbolg & Brighid’s Realms course: register now

Join us for Imbolg season to celebrate the first wave of Spring energy in 2021, and honour the goddess Brighid who we celebrate at Imbolg. Imbolg arrives around 01-February in the Northern Hemisphere, and we will be in that Imbolg energy until Spring Equinox arrives. You may know Brighid as a triple goddess, with aspects… Continue reading Imbolg & Brighid’s Realms course: register now

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On Imbolg Eve, let Brighid inspire your creativity

Imbolg and Lá Fhéile Bríde (St Brigid’s Day) will soon be here, celebrating early spring, and the goddess Brighid and St Brigid. Brighid lights the fires of the hearth, inspiration, and the forge, and is the patron of both the healing arts (and childbirth), the creative arts and the sacred wells. Let Brighid inspire your… Continue reading On Imbolg Eve, let Brighid inspire your creativity

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Imbolc Blessings

This week, we celebrate Imbolg (IM - OLK) and the Celtic goddess Brighid, goddess of fertility, creativity, the forge (blacksmiths and smithing), light, and livestock. But exactly WHEN do we celebrate, you may ask!! Some celebrate on the fixed date of February 1st whilst others will celebrate on the astronomical Cross-Quarter date (see footnote) —… Continue reading Imbolc Blessings