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Thanksgiving Blessings

Image source CanvaPro These words from Mary Oliver, in her poem “Rice”, speak to me in so many ways. On this day of Thanksgiving here in Canada— its feasts and celebrations rooted in a complex mix of both indigenous and settler traditions, including the bounty of the harvest — Oliver’s words call to us to… Continue reading Thanksgiving Blessings

Wisdom from Grandmother Moon

Thanksgiving Blessings

Here in Canada, we celebrate Thanksgiving on the second Monday in October.  So, this weekend for me is all about reflection and gratitude. On this Thanksgiving weekend, I wish blessings of joy, love and abundance to all and to my loved ones, family and friends. I love these words from Henry David Thoreau which express… Continue reading Thanksgiving Blessings

Wheel of the Year

Thanksgiving Blessings

Blessings to all my American friends for a happy and safe Thanksgiving with loved ones today✨✨ As you take time today to reflect on your blessings from the last year, take time to thank Mama Earth for all she has given us. I am sharing this lovely Thanksgiving prayer from Starhawk which was published in… Continue reading Thanksgiving Blessings

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Third Quarter in Taurus: Harvest, Homecoming, Gratitude and Reflection

The Third Quarter of the Moon arrived today, July 26th, at 4:02 PM Pacific Time, putting us firmly on the return path of our monthly journey with Grandmother Moon. In many ways, the lunar Third Quarter is akin to Autumn in the solar year. We planted our new seeds at the new waxing moon, grew… Continue reading Third Quarter in Taurus: Harvest, Homecoming, Gratitude and Reflection