Earth Medicine

New Year for the Trees 2021

Pomegranate bud image by 18986 from Pixabay  Around our precious planet, our ancestors were tied to the cycles of Mama Earth, essential for those who depended on the land for food, shelter and sustenance. These cycles were celebrated through rituals and festivals, and evolved over time as their culture changed too. Many of these celebrations of our pagan… Continue reading New Year for the Trees 2021


MoonDay Musings: Wisdom from a Tree

When I walk around Beaver Lake in Stanley Park here in Vancouver BC, like I did this weekend, I always like to say hello to this little tree... so many lessons there, so much medicine: how we all need a little support at times... how we each spring from the shoulders of our ancestors... how… Continue reading MoonDay Musings: Wisdom from a Tree

Lunar Cycles

The Energies of October: Rooted

For me, the months of July and August seemed so very long and hot. It was a Summer filled with Fire energy — literally and excessively, with rampant forest fires here in North America — and the absence of Water energy.  I heard the whispers of Mama Earth patiently biding her time as the year… Continue reading The Energies of October: Rooted

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The magick of the Linden tree

I am working diligently on my tree identification skills and this is where the phenology wheels (as discussed in our free Wisdom From Grandmother Moon course) are so useful: I can often identify trees at specific times (such as when they are blossoming or bearing their fruits or berries) but not in winter, etc. I’m hoping… Continue reading The magick of the Linden tree


Wisdom of the Acorn

When Nature plants an acorn, it strives to yield its potential — and destiny — as a magnificent oak, its growth tempered only by the amount of sun, rain, and nutrients. But what of we humans? What other factors may be in play? Our beliefs — and that of others — can shape who we… Continue reading Wisdom of the Acorn

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My favourite Earth Day tree – The Willow

In celebration of Earth Day, I have been participating in a 5 day-5 tree photo challenge, each day focusing on a different aspect of trees (our allies in Nature, the Standing People) such as Spring, Lonely, Magic, Ancient and Favourite. Today is Day 5 of the #EarthDaySpiritTrees challenge - #favourite tree, - and I chose… Continue reading My favourite Earth Day tree – The Willow