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The Spirituality of Friendship

As we honour the goddess Brighid and her transition from Crone back to Maiden at Imbolc* (see footer), consider taking some time to meditate or reflect on the women in your life . . .  your friendships with women — the Maidens, the Women, the Crones — and how your friendships have changed throughout the… Continue reading The Spirituality of Friendship


Wisdom from Grandmother Moon: Full Moon in Gemini

Wisdom from Grandmother Moon, Day 15 Full Moon in Gemini at 4:05 PM Pacific Time🌕 For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, this Full Moon has many names . . . the Full Cold Moon, the Long Night Moon, the Oak Moon and the Moon before Yule. For me, I like to think of… Continue reading Wisdom from Grandmother Moon: Full Moon in Gemini

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Connect with The Maiden’s wisdom at the Quarter Moon

I love the increasing energy of the Waxing Crescent… each day a little bit more Yang energy as we approach the fullness of the Moon. And tomorrow — Saturday October 8th — Grandmother Moon reaches the First Quarter of her monthly travels @ 9:32 PM Pacific Time. Are you ready for this next step of… Continue reading Connect with The Maiden’s wisdom at the Quarter Moon


Celebrating and Honouring All The Stages In Our lives

  Several friends and colleagues recently have had milestone birthdays, anywhere from 21 to 70 and everything in-between. Each approached their milestone differently — some with curiosity, some with trepidation, some with celebration... and some by planning their first cosmetic "tweak"! At this point in my life, I have embraced my ageing process, the changes… Continue reading Celebrating and Honouring All The Stages In Our lives

Divine Feminine

Celebrate the Divine Feminine on Mothers Day

On Mothers Day, let us celebrate all aspects of the Mother (one aspect of the Maiden-Mother-Crone Triple Goddess) and the Divine Feminine within us all. Mothering is being able to birth and nurture so many things — children, creativity, ideas, our animal allies, our plant allies and more. Not all those who "mother" are born… Continue reading Celebrate the Divine Feminine on Mothers Day

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Goddess Body, World Body

I love when people come together to joyfully participate in communal meditation and activity. I am currently participating in a two-week EarthPrayer meditation group, where each day we examine a different aspect of our relationship with our blessed Mother Earth. One of the aspects we are looking at is Goddess Body, World Body. My thoughts… Continue reading Goddess Body, World Body

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Celebrate the Wisdom of the Crone

At least twice a week, I take a Range of Motion class at my local pool to keep fit and strengthen my new titanium knees. One of the things I love about the class is the inspirational group of women I meet there every week.... Ancient Amazons all of them! Their average age is close… Continue reading Celebrate the Wisdom of the Crone

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Imbolc blessings from Brigid

Yesterday we celebrated the first day of the Celtic Spring, honouring both Imbolc and the goddess Brigid. I share with you now Brigid's Fire Blessing, which you can use in any of your ritual work this week: May there be Fire in your Belly May there be Passion in your Heart May you burn with… Continue reading Imbolc blessings from Brigid