Lunar Cycles

Spring Equinox Blessings!

Spring Equinox BlessingsMarch 20 @ 15:33 UTC Northern Hemisphere Solar spring has arrived with today’s Vernal Equinox, and although the poppies have not yet emerged in my locale, I know their colourful blossoms will soon grace the wild places. When I see the the unfurling leaves on the trees, the spring herbs, new green tips… Continue reading Spring Equinox Blessings!

Wheel of the Year

Spring Equinox: Renewal and new beginnings

Spring Equinox — also known as Alban Eilir, Cónocht an Earraigh and Ostara — arrives in the Southern Hemisphere on September 22 @13:30 UTC. The Wheel of the Year honours the changing of the seasons and also celebrates new beginnings, life rising again and renewal, death and rebirth. And no doubt many of us can… Continue reading Spring Equinox: Renewal and new beginnings