Moonday Musings, Wheel of the Year

Water Wisdom for Autumn

Just a few weeks ago in the Northern Hemisphere, we began Lúnasa season, while those in the Southern Hemisphere began its waxing counterpart and complement, Imbolg. How are these seasons manifesting for you, and in your locale?   At this time of year I normally begin to feel the shift of energies from the Fire… Continue reading Water Wisdom for Autumn

Lunar Cycles

MoonDay Musings: Don’t Push the River

This lunar month we began with a new theme — Unfold / Refold your Self, inspired by the qualities of Cancer’s water element — agile and freely flowing like water. As I was writing about the theme for this blog and my newsletter, something was bubbling underneath, an inchoate memory of a phase about water…… Continue reading MoonDay Musings: Don’t Push the River

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Releasing with Fire in the Blackberry Moon

There are so many names for the Full Moon in August ranging from the names of First Nations people — Fruit Moon (Cherokee) and Sturgeon Moon (Algonquian) — to those of England (the Grain Moon and the Corn Moon), and the Lightning Moon as named by some Neopagans. Whatever we call it, I love these… Continue reading Releasing with Fire in the Blackberry Moon

Rituals and Ceremonies

Honouring the Full Egg Moon

Full moon tonight! In Vancouver, we move into the Full Moon energy tonight at 10:25 PM (April 22nd 5:25 AM UTC) . This Full Moon is in Scorpio, a Water Sign.... very emotional and deep. Think of the ocean. We see the surface, yet that is only a tiny fraction of the ocean's body. So… Continue reading Honouring the Full Egg Moon

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Keep your Inner Candle lit

Throughout the world — and across many religions — a candle is a symbol of hope, love, faith and prayer. It represents the flame of our spirituality, the spark that connects us to Spirit, to the Divine, and to our intuition. We tend that fire with our spiritual practices, so that we can also keep… Continue reading Keep your Inner Candle lit

Earth Medicine, Rituals and Ceremonies

Pampering your inner Mermaid Or Merman

   Have you got your Inner Mermaid or Merman on yet? In yesterday's post, I suggested connecting to the water element to help balance emotions and to pamper yourself spa-style with an aromatic sea salt bath. And of course, I've already had several requests for a DIY formulation for essential oils. I love this formulation… Continue reading Pampering your inner Mermaid Or Merman

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Life Hack: Balancing emotions in the Full Moon in Pisces

Yesterday we celebrated the Full Moon and Super Moon. The moon was in Pisces - a water sign, a sign of compassion, and ruled by Neptune, God of the Sea - so one should expect heightened energy around anything governed by the water element: emotions, creativity, intuition, dreams and the subconscious. It's so important to… Continue reading Life Hack: Balancing emotions in the Full Moon in Pisces

Earth Medicine

Out of alignment? Cranky? Try grounding with Earth energy!

Feeling out of sorts? Maybe a little cranky? Not sleeping well? You may be out of alignment with Earth energy, and there are some simple practices you can incorporate into your daily routine to support you in better grounding and alignment. As we move through the seasons, traditional earth-based medicines – such as energy healing, ayurvedic and… Continue reading Out of alignment? Cranky? Try grounding with Earth energy!